Dads & daughters go head to head!

We love a bit of healthy debate at Ascham, and for the last couple of years the Ascham Parents’ Association has taken this passion to new heights with the wonderful and funny Ascham Father/Daughter Debate.

Here, Ascham dad Andrew Howard tells the tale of how he and two other dads battled it out with their daughters for the 2018 honours.

‘On Sunday 24 June the Ascham dads and their daughters went into battle on the topic ”That parents can learn more from their children”. It was an entertaining afternoon, introduced eloquently at every turn by Mr Phillip Moffitt. The debate was with the dads on the affirmative, led out by Mr Andrew Howard versus Annabel Howard, followed by Mr Nicholas Carlton versus Lucia Carlton and wrapped up by Professor Anand Deva versus Anika Deva.

The dads cried out for help, stating that not only was there more to learn but everything to learn, particularly as technology, language and relationships had blown away the world they grew up in and was second nature to the world their daughters are attuned to. Early on, funny as they were, the dads could see what was coming to them, they had been taken to school and thought it was possible they were going to be given a lesson…adjudicated by none other than the Head of School, Mr Andrew Powell!

The daughters just dismissed their fathers as delivering ‘fake news’ because really they knew everything about these topics and had so much to teach the girls about life. It was hard to take as progressively and delicately Annabel ‘The Assassin’ Howard, then Lucia ‘The Volcano’ Carlton pulled the dads apart. In the final analysis, it was Anika ‘The Surgeon’ Deva, with exhibits A-Z of her dad’s social media usage (pictured), that brought the fathers to their knees….but not before Professor Deva delivered the eloquent and poignant thought that, ‘in the end our daughters are reflections of ourselves, we are them and they are us. Therefore there is so much to learn about ourselves from them.’

After six speakers’ worth of entertainment, it was then up to Mr Powell to deliver the news we all knew to be true, that the daughters had won the debate (again!) and were taking home the big blocks of Cadbury chocolate.

A big thank you to the Parents’ Association for organising the event, to Mr Phillip Moffitt for being a great MC and Mr Andrew Powell for taking the time to thoughtfully adjudicate the debate. Of course, well done to the dads and daughters for making it fun—look forward to seeing you all for another big debate next year!’

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