Pods challenge in Fiona

Each Fiona student at Ascham is a member of a ‘Pod’ group, a small number of students from across Years 3–6 who meet regularly throughout the year. Each Pod is led by the Year 6 students, and facilitated by a teacher who serves as a special point of contact for students throughout their time in Fiona.

During Pods sessions, the girls engage in a broad range of collaborative activates devised to foster our positive School culture and celebrate Ascham’s nine core values. Pods sessions are interspersed throughout the year and predominately occur on a Wednesday.

Recently the Fiona staff have been reflecting upon the key messages that renowned educationalist Sir Ken Robinson has shared in his widely viewed Ted Talks on creativity. Defining creativity as the process of having original ideas that have value, Sir Ken Robinson describes creativity as ‘applied imagination’.

Every day in Fiona, students are encouraged to think creatively regardless of the subject, lesson or activity in which they are engaged. Together in assemblies and class, the girls have been explicitly exploring the importance of drawing upon their imagination, and nurturing their original ideas.

In Pods this term, the Year 6 students are facilitating a creative design task that was born out of the idea that ideas should be encouraged to ‘fly’. Working with limited materials, the girls are collaboratively creating a device to launch and catch their figurative ‘ideas’. During the first session, the girls brainstormed their design ideas, imagining all possibilities. The girls will continue to work on this task this term, ideating to create a successful ‘ideas launcher’.

At the end of the term, the girls’ creative thinking across all Key Learning Areas will be showcased at the Fiona Open Day on Thursday 28 June.

You can be creative in anything—in math, science, engineering, philosophy—as much as you can in music or in painting or in dance.
Sir Ken Robinson

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