Ascham wins da Vinci Decathlon 2018

On Thursday 24 May we had the great privilege of accompanying 16 enthusiastic students from Years 5 and 6 to Knox Grammar School for the 2018 da Vinci Decathlon. The theme of this year’s event was ‘The Unexpected’ and from the moment we stepped off the train outside the school, the air was abuzz with anticipation and excitement for the ‘unexpected’ events that awaited. Bagpipes were played to welcome the participants and the eager chatter of almost 1,000 students echoed throughout the school grounds.

The excitement continued throughout the day as the girls competed in teams of eight across ten disciplines: Engineering, Mathematics, Code Breaking, Art and Poetry, Science, English, Ideation, Creative Producers, Cartography and General Knowledge in a competition designed to challenge and stimulate their minds.

The level of anticipation was at its highest as the day came to a close and the winners of each discipline were announced. Testament to their ability to work collaboratively and strategically, the incredible efforts of our Year 6 team were rewarded with a first place in both the English and Art and Poetry disciplines and a second place in Ideation. These achievements, along with their terrific results in each of the other seven disciplines, resulted in the Year 6 team then being awarded the top honour as Overall Winners, bringing back to Ascham the glistening trophy for the second year running.

Congratulations goes to both teams for the initiative and resilience shown throughout the day and the respectful manner in which they represented themselves and Ascham. Congratulations to the Year 5 team, in particular, who should feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment having participated in their very first da Vinci Decathlon. We look forward to the challenge of the 2019 event already.

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