Year 4 girls draw on courage at camp

Camps are an important part of Ascham’s outdoor education program. They provide immersive learning opportunities that aren’t available in the formal school curriculum, and help students build positive relationships with the natural world. They also allow girls to spend time together in a relaxed environment.

Upon returning from the Year 4 camp recently, student Lucy McGillivray described what the camp experience meant to her and her classmates.

‘On Wednesday 7 February, Year 4 gathered in the Fiona Hall, bubbling with enthusiasm and ready to set out for Stanwell Tops for our three-day, two-night camp adventure. There were many exciting activities for us to conquer.

A personal favourite for many was the giant swing. As these activities were new to us, we had to draw on our courage and bravery but we all had a go.

We enjoyed our cabin time, and the meals in the dining room were fabulous. We were certainly well fed, enjoying three main meals, morning and afternoon teas and dessert! The hot breakfasts were appreciated, giving us enough energy to sustain us throughout the day.

[At camp] we learnt that identifying and using our strengths helps us to overcome challenges. We even started to ‘spot’ each other’s strengths. We had a great experience.’

Thanks Lucy!

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