Full STEAM ahead in Hillingdon

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) are disciplines that are fully embraced at Ascham from the earliest years. During Term 1 in Hillingdon (Prep to Year 2), Ascham girls have been coding, inventing and learning robotics—all great preparation for the years that lie ahead throughout school and beyond. Here’s a sample of what they have been up to…

The Year 2 STEAM Club has been very busy this term planning and making a game or activity that could be used on the Hillingdon playground. The students worked in small groups to brainstorm and select an idea. Using a design template, each group carefully planned their game, taking into consideration the resources they would need and the time it would take. Each group used a Makey Makey kit combined with Scratch to transform their game idea into interactive activity. It has been wonderful to see the teamwork and enthusiasm exhibited by the students who attend each week.

Prep students have met Cubetto, an adventurous little robot. Cubetto is programmed using coloured bricks and when these are inserted into Cubetto’s board, he moves! The students first identified what movement each coloured brick is responsible for and what happens when more than one brick is inserted into the board at a time. Next, the students will learn how to debug a program and how to make Cubetto perform a function. There will be lots of fun learning ahead.

The Kindergarten students have been using Bee Bots to learn to code. Each week the students have been creating algorithms using arrow cards to program the Bee Bots to move around a grid. They have been learning about the importance of sequence when programming as well as how to debug a program.

Year 1
The Year 1 students have been using Dash, a lively blue robot, to learn to code. So far, the students have been working on sequence when programming and have been introduced to loops and functions, which will help the students to organise the code. Each week, the students have been building upon their knowledge from previous lessons and applying this in a real world problem-solving context.

Year 2
The Year 2 students have been building and programming robots using Lego Wedo 2.0 robotics kits. After building a robot, the students were given a sample program to trial. Working with a partner, the students needed to identify what each brick in the program was responsible for and if this brick was changed or removed what impact this would have on their robot’s movements. This was a challenge and required some trial and error. It was wonderful to see each student’s enthusiasm and perseverance with this task.

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