We’re abuzz about the Ascham bees!

Last year as part of the STEAM program in Year 8 Science, Ascham students started a sustainable journey to design and create habitats for native stingless bees, a colony of which will be calling Ascham home very soon.

Alannah Ding, Raquel Salerno and Marlo McClintock (pictured), now in Year 9, report on the project and their winning beehive design, which will be built this term ahead of our native friends moving onto campus.

‘In groups of three within our classes we began to research the bees and their lifestyle, including their habitat, diet and BEEhavioural patterns. After half a term of research and designing we started to create a to-scale prototype of what our ideal beehive habitat would look like.

As part of this journey we were lucky to be able to receive guidance from an Ascham Old Girl, and now current landscape architect and bee enthusiast, Elke Haege (1996). This talk gave us a unique insight into the ecosystem surrounding bees and their current state. Another source of great assistance was our Science teachers who guided us along the journey and provided many building materials, which left us buzzing with ideas.

As a team we won the Beehive Habitat prize. This was a great achievement for us, which we could not have done without working together and collaborative thinking. As part of winning the STEAM project our beehives will be built this term and we are so excited to see our vision come to life in the continual journey ahead with the Ascham bees.’

You can read more about native stingless bees on Elke Haege’s website here. Elke breeds and supplies native stingless bees in Sydney to homes, schools, aged care villages and community gardens, contributing to Australia’s natural food resources and bio security.

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