Another wonderful trip to Cambodia

An incredible and inspiring trip to our Ascham schools in Cambodia was undertaken in December.

A group of students in Years 10, 11 and 12, along with staff, travelled to Cambodia to visit the two schools Ascham built there in 2005. Located in the Mondulkiri province of eastern Cambodia, the primary and secondary schools continue to be supported by Ascham, with our girls in Sydney doing a large amount of fundraising every year to fund new buildings and teachers.

The trip was a fantastic opportunity for our students as they became immersed in the local culture while strengthening their skills in organisation and leadership.

After a few days of sightseeing and learning about Cambodia’s history, the delegation arrived in Mondulkiri. One group of students worked with students at the primary school while the second group worked with students in the high school.

The girls really enjoyed getting to know the Cambodian students through the lessons they prepared during training days prior to departure. Highlights of the visit included interactive lessons, games of ‘hide the scarf’ and the Cambodian banquet that they all enjoyed on the final day. The accompanying teachers were very impressed with the high quality of the English lessons that our Ascham students delivered, as well as the positivity, compassion and sense of adventure that the girls brought to the trip.

All students arrived home with a greater appreciation of their own lives, as well as a desire to contribute more to those in need. All-in-all, an incredibly worthwhile trip!

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