Ascham Rowing at dawn

This is such a beautiful photo of an early morning Ascham Rowing session, that we just had to share it with you.

What’s it like to get on the water at 5.50am for our Ascham rowers? It’s an effort, but well worth it!

Before our girls even get out onto the open water in their boats, when they are starting out as Junior or novice rowers they do a lot of safety traininig in the Ascham Pool. All students have to demonstrate the ability to deal with a capsize situation. This means not panicking after capsizing, attempting to get back into the boat, and being able to swim the boat back to shore (or edge of pool!) in the event of being unsuccessful at re-entering the boat. Getting back into a single scull is extremely difficult, and is a task that is hard to achieve without suffering bruising. Demonstrating the ability to paddle a wounded craft back to shore is an important skill, since weather conditions such as wind and current can often make the business of getting back into a boat all the more difficult.

Once our rowers have completed their safety training they are then able to take to open water with the Senior rowers and our experienced coaches. It takes commitment – all those early mornings – but Rowing is a highly skilled, beautiful sport that has been part of our sports program since 1996.

In 2018 we celebrate 125 years of Sport at Ascham, so stay tuned for many more stories about all the great sports we have played over the last century and a quarter.

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