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Social Justice is an important component of every Ascham girl’s education. Girls are involved in charitable acts, service learning activities and social justice actions from the earliest years here at School. In Senior School, students lead various Committee portfolios; one of these is the Social Justice Committee.

Year 11 (going into Year 12) student Willa Swift is the new Head of Social Justice. She reports here on the screening at Ascham of a thought-provoking, moving film, The Staging Post, about a community of refugees stuck in Indonesia following Australia’s ‘stop the boats’ policy. The screening was followed by a Q&A with refugee guest speaker Musafar Ali, who is featured in the film.

‘Last Wednesday the Social Justice Committee held a screening of the film The Staging Post, an insight into the refugee situation in Indonesia. The evening was well attended by staff, girls, siblings and parents, as well as guest speaker Musafar Ali, an Afghan Hazaran refugee featured in the film.

The Staging Post follows the lives of refugees caught in limbo, and how the community of Cisarua, outside Jakarta, united to create positive change and establish the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre. The film exposes an issue relevant to our society but also presents the positive and humanitarian side of a matter so often shrouded in negativity. The world is currently witnessing the largest and most widespread humanitarian crisis in recorded history, however stories such as The Staging Post remind us that, whilst there are still so many issues to solve, there is never a lack of hope.

Those who attended the film found it to be a very powerful experience, and for those interested in finding out more about the Learning Centre, the Cisarua community or the experiences of refugees like Musafar, I encourage you to follow the page on Facebook and witness the progress and development of the movement that changed the lives of hundreds of children and their families.’

Image at top: Ascham Head of School Andrew Powell, Musafar Ali and Willa Swift
Image below: The Staging Post film poster

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