Books for the Bush 2017

We are delighted to launch our annual collection of Books for the Bush, a Hillingdon (Prep–Year 2) initiative to maintain links and spread our love of reading with those primary schools that were attended by our boarders in remote and regional Australia.

This year we are collecting for Timbumburi, a small school of approximately 140 students with five teachers, located about 20 minutes south of Tamworth.

Year 12 boarder Gabi Warner, whose mother also attended the school before coming to Ascham, shares her recollections of Timbumburi:

‘Timbumburi’ means ‘waterhole’ or ‘meeting place’ in the local Aboriginal Kamilaroi dialect. It is becoming increasingly involved with sports and has had great success with school representative teams in hockey especially, actually taking out the State Public Schools’ Knockout Field Hockey Team Title in 2011. This was one of my favourite memories during my time there, especially considering we defeated a school of 600 pupils 6-0. Timbumburi is also involved in debating, multicultural public speaking and the Premier’s Spelling Bee—opportunities I made sure to be a part of. I would hope that with these books Timbumburi would be able to continue to interest and inspire country kids to learn and actively participate in school life.’

Ascham families will contribute new or as-new books suitable for a K–6 readership. Our boarding families will deliver the books at the end of term—we hope the Timbumburi students gain a huge amount of enjoyment out of reading them!

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