Distance education preps Lexi for Ascham

Lexi Campbell from Warren boards at Ascham and believes that her primary school years as a Distance Education student has enabled her to succeed on so many levels at Ascham.

Lexi has flourished in boarding, having been named in a number of leadership positions, including Head of Boarding, Captain of Equestrian and Captain of Touch Football. Importantly, Lexi believes that her primary school years as a Distance Education student enabled her to succeed on so many levels at Ascham.

Ascham is the only school in Australia to use the Dalton Plan. This unique Plan allows students, in close cooperation with their teachers, to take responsibility for and ownership of their learning. They develop a keen interest in their subjects, the ability to question and debate ideas, and exceptional time management and organisational skills.
Distance education, with its structured weekly assignment work, given well ahead of deadline, and with completed work handed in each week, is a perfect fit for Dalton at Ascham. Lexi has many happy memories of her seven years being educated in a system that was similar to the Dalton Plan—schoolwork was delivered to students at the beginning of each term with completed work handed in week-by-week, although for Distance Education children this involved posting it to Dubbo each Friday in a red material bag.

Another attribute that Distance and Dalton have in common is the in-built opportunity for children to become independent learners. Lexi spoke of going to the family’s schoolroom—a demountable filled with a richness of educational resources, much as classrooms at Ascham are. In her earlier years of schooling her mother would supervise and help direct Lexi in her work in the schoolroom, but as she became older she became more self-directed—she knew what had to be done and could choose the order in which she could do the work.

Head of School Mr Andrew Powell said,

We have known for some time that boarders who come to us from the Distance Education program handle the transition to the Dalton Plan very well. The Plan extends the foundation that these students have already developed in terms of self-discipline and independence, meeting deadlines and seeking expert help when needed, as well as dealing with other people with respect, courtesy, curiosity and confidence.

When the time came, Lexi was ready and well prepared to follow her older sisters into a city-based boarding school. The discipline that Lexi developed in Distance Education, the independence, and the ability to plan ahead have provided a perfect fit for her at Ascham, where she has flourished academically as well as in co-curricular activities.

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