A little possum magic at school

Ascham may be an inner-city school but we are blessed with a campus replete with visiting wildlife!

Great excitement filled our Junior School, Fiona, on Tuesday morning when reports of a sleepy possum taking refuge in a bag of clothes, intended for recycling, began to circulate. It was not long until many inquisitive girls filed into the Fiona Office to verify if such reports were true. There, snuggled amongst the clothes, a possum slept soundly, oblivious to the fuss. The bag, which had been left on the lockers outside, had unsurprisingly proved to be an ideal spot for a wandering marsupial to keep warm on the cool Monday evening!

A call to WIRES ensured that our special visitor was soon collected. But the excited chatter filled all the classrooms and the playground for the remainder of the day.

We’re grateful to have a beautiful campus at Ascham, and despite being in the heart of the city we share our grounds with a plethora of welcome animals. Possums come out at night and a wonderful array of birdlife is always present, including kookaburras and large flocks of noisy cockatoos! Our resident chooks in their purpose-built henhouse (designed by Ascham students) are well looked after, and two beautiful dogs live in our boarding houses, reminding our boarders of home.

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