Something to cluck about

Year 4 students enjoyed a very special life-drawing class in Visual Arts recently.

Thanks to one Ascham family and their pet, Nuggets the chicken, students were provided with the opportunity to draw a bird from life, as part of the drawing unit, Birds of a Feather.

You can see in the photos that Nuggets was quite happy on her paper catwalk, parading properly so the girls were able to draw her.

Students from all Year 4 classes developed their ability to observe the chicken’s appearance, character and behaviour and sketch quickly and expressively. Prior to Nuggets’ visit, the girls prepared for their drawing session by exploring gestural drawing techniques, using continuous line and working under timed conditions. This helped the girls to become more confident in drawing a model on the move!

The Year 4 students’ drawings were on display in the Fiona Visual Arts room, so everyone at Ascham could enjoy the results of this special life-drawing class.

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