Year 5 STEAM Challenge

From the Junior years, STEAM—Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics—is front and centre of every girl’s education at Ascham.

In early February, Year 5 students worked on their first STEAM Challenge for 2017.
The girls were placed into STEAM groups of two to three students from all different classes and were set a task that required them to think mathematically, think scientifically and most importantly, think creatively. This was the scenario:

Two new elements have been discovered—Cha and Sam. When activated and combined these elements have unlimited potential. The elements exist as a small, solid sphere.

The girls had to design and make an ‘element activator’ that would ensure their two elements rolled through two full revolutions, passed through a series of different types of angles and then became trapped in the same location to combine and activate within one minute. Students also had to explain what the new element’s potential could be.

The girls worked collaboratively and came up with some very creative and well-engineered solutions, many of which focused on helping to stop global warming.

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