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The 2017 School Committee, comprising Year 12 students, is very proud to launch the I See You Project. Inspired by the Zulu greeting, Sawubona, their project aims to ensure that each individual within the Ascham community feels seen and valued, empowering each girl to flourish and building a sense of sisterhood across the School.

Here, the Heads of each Year 12 Committee for 2017 outline how their portfolios will allow them to foster the core principles of empowerment, sisterhood, motivation, connection, pride, zest and enthusiascham.

Amy Blades and Emma Debus, Heads of Charity: Charity and Community service incorporates the I See You Project through the rich connection it constructs between the community and students. The support of Indigenous, local and overseas charities for women allows for individuals and groups to be recognised and assisted by Ascham girls at a time when they need support. The involvement in community service allows the individual girl to feel recognised and ‘seen’ by the broader world outside of Ascham as she reflects the values of the School and the I See You Project.

Maddy Caldwell, Head of Sports: The Sports Committee plans to execute the I See You Project by uniting Ascham sport throughout all ages and levels. We also plan to increase the participation numbers through each individual sport. Finally, we hope to foster a sense of community within and between sports by hosting events such as gala days and boarders vs day girl games.

Angel Opie, Head of Drama: The Drama Committee will focus on the I See You Project through their two initiatives—Inter-house space jump and a short film festival which will involve girls from each Year within the School. We are also going to be collaborating with the Media Committee to take photographs of the various performances and showcases throughout the year, allowing the performers an opportunity to be seen and appreciated for their dedication and skill.

Maddie Huynh, Head of Music: Music is such a wonderful aspect of the Ascham community and the Music Committee wants to make sure that every girl can enjoy it. This year we aim to work with other committees such as Houses and Sisters to involve music in School life as something that we can enjoy together, for example through House Choir. We are also hoping to see a more contemporary push for music this year.

Hannah Magotra, Head of Sustainability: The key values of the Sustainability Committee mirror those of the I See You Project: understanding, respect and passion. Just as we hope to foster an understanding, respect and passion for the environment, the I See You Project aims to encourage girls to understand, respect and be passionate about the School and their peers. Through community-based initiatives and projects, the Sustainability Committee hopes to strengthen the harmony between students and their surroundings.

Clare Taylor, Head of Social Justice: The Social Justice Committee is going to use its platform during Social Justice Club to spread awareness about the plight of the less fortunate, trying to help them to be seen and understood. We are also committed to developing girls’ critical thinking and media consumption such that they develop opinions on issues that they feel hold integrity— helping them to feel like they can be active and ‘seen’ participants in the realm of politics and social debate.

Lexi Campbell, Head of Boarding: Throughout this year the Boarding Committee aims to strengthen the relationships between girls within the boarding school and with others in the wider community. We aim to do this by providing more opportunities for day girls and boarder family members to develop a deeper understanding of what boarding is like. These opportunities will include a boarding assembly, a day girl/boarder sleepover, a Grandparents’ Afternoon Tea and more. We are also hoping to maintain a variety of activities on ‘In-Nights’ and weekends to ensure every girl within the boarding school feels supported to participate in things they like and are encouraged to try new activities as well.

Portia Brajkovic, Head of Co-Curricular: In 2017, as part of the I See You Project, the Co-Curricular Committee aims to help every Ascham girl find and cultivate a true passion. Our main approach this year will be through directly showing girls the value and fun of Co-Curricular pursuits, through holding debates and speech competitions in Assembly, improving the Inter-House Chess, Debating, and Public Speaking events, and strengthening the relevant activities in Fiona. 2017 will not only see co-curricular flourish within Ascham, but also each girl flourish as they find a new passion, new talents, and a sense of community, achievement and belonging.

Catherine Barlin and Emma Maple-Brown, Heads of Houses and Sisters: An important part of the I See You Project is encouraging and appreciating each girl’s talents and passions. We hope to have a boarder range of House activities to ensure this. The other aspect of I See You that we will focus on is building strong friendships between Year groups through regular Sisters’ meetings.

Molly Aveyard and Alex Issa, Heads of Student Support: The foundation of a thriving student support portfolio relies on encouraging School values, which include: sisterhood, zest, connectedness and inclusion. We hope that we can implement these values into the activities we organise. Some include Year 12 buddies for each Year 7 girl, a peer-support program, introducing the exchange students in Assembly and placing a focus on mental health. We hope that we can do what we can to ensure that every girl feels included and supported during their high school years.

Etsegenet Herschmann, Head of Media: The Media Committee is excited to launch several initiatives that will establish platforms for the I See You Project. Through the Figurant, a student-run newspaper, we hope to showcase the writing and artistic talents of our student body. Through photography and filmmaking competitions, our aim is to encourage younger students to participate and showcase their virtuosity.

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