Boarders head to Bondi

Many of our boarders hail from country NSW, so swimming in surf conditions is not always an activity that they are very familiar with.

A Surf Safety course is an important offering that we provide for our Ascham boarders to ensure that all our girls understand safety in the water.

In February Ascham boarders teamed up with young boarders from local boys’ school The Scots College to take part in the annual Surf Safety course—held both at Scots then down at Bondi. Scots and their boarding staff were kind enough to share their excellent facilities with the girls for this valuable and informative day.

The first part of the course took place in a lecture hall where the group learned how lifesavers chose the safest part of a beach to plant flags—where the waves break along a continuous stretch of beach—and how to recognise a rip and survive in it if you accidentally found yourself in one. There was also a component on basic first aid—all important and potentially life-saving pieces of information.

All participants were provided with lunch before heading off to Bondi Beach for a practical session in the surf. This was slightly challenging for the girls as the surf was rough—though excellent for some experiential learning.
We hope the course will be a safety back-up, especially for the young country boarders when they visit the beach with families or hosts over their next few summers in Sydney.

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