Congratulations to the class of 2016 on their outstanding results!

Congratulations to the class of 2016 on their outstanding results!

HSC 2016

We are particularly proud of our girls’ HSC results in 2016 and congratulate our Year 12 students and staff on their wonderful achievements.

In 515 out of the 526 examinations, the girls achieved marks of 70% or above.

In eight out of 20 2-Unit Courses and six out of nine Extension courses all students achieved marks greater than 80%.

A full analysis of Ascham’s HSC results in each course is available here.

All Round Achievers List

Seven girls are in the All Round Achievers List, having achieved top band marks of 90% and above in ten or more of their units.

A further eight girls were very close to being included on this honours list, having achieved top band results in eight or nine of their units.

Distinguished achievers

While acknowledging that the entire 2016 cohort achieved well above the State average and deserves acclaim for their achievements we are also very pleased to report outstanding individual results:

  • One student came second in the State in German Continuers as well as fifth place in German Extension.
  • Another distinguished student came fifth in German Continuers.
  • Another student placed fourth in Music Extension.

Outstanding results

Ascham students were enrolled in 29 different courses. In 13 of these courses our lowest examination mark was equal to, or higher than, the average State examination mark. This includes subjects with varied candidatures such as Standard English, Mathematics General 2, Ancient and Modern History, all French and German courses, Drama and Visual Arts; a clear indication of the academic strengths of our School and the Dalton Plan.

All our girls in French Extension and Latin Extension gained marks over 90%. In English Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 1, Ancient History, Chinese Continuers, French Continuers, German Continuers, German Extension, Drama, Music 1, Music 2, Visual Arts and Music Extension, all of our girls gained marks in the top two performance bands (80% and above).


Two students had their HSC Bodies of Work selected for exhibition in next year’s ARTEXPRESS

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