STEAM Club – Sphero SPRK+ Robotics

At Ascham, we love science. From the Junior years, our girls become skilled in many areas of the sciences.

Girls in the Junior School, Fiona, have had a great time playing with Sphero SPRK+ Robotic balls during lunchtime STEAM Tinkers. They enjoyed discovering the possibilities of what the robots can be used for, driving their robots and using the visual block programming app Lightning Lab to code instructions for their ball to follow.

Mrs Crawford’s Year 5 Maths class was given the task to design a maze for the SPRK+ to navigate then write a program for it to follow to find the finish point. Collaboration, creativity and perseverance were required in order for the girls to complete the challenge, which used Maths skills in measurement, speed, time and developed computational thinking. Year 4 girls also used the SPRK+ in their Mathematics classes to learn programming.

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