Ascham girls active in Student Alliance Networking Group

Students at Ascham participate in a wide variety of social justice activities across their high school years. Year 11 student Amelia Turner outlines the important issues tackled by the Student Alliance Networking Group this year.

The Student Alliance Networking Group is a group of girls from Years 9–11 from different schools across Sydney who come together to discuss issues affecting women. We meet once a term with girls from the Alliance of Girls’ Schools across Sydney including Mount St Benedict, St Catherine’s, Roseville College and Catherine McAuley Westmead to create dialogue for change about issues relevant to young women. Some of the issues we discussed this year included domestic violence, education equality, women in the workforce, women in the media and child trafficking. Ascham is represented by 10 girls from Years 9–11 who attend each term’s Student Alliance meeting at a different host school.

This year each delegate was invited to choose an issue that we were interested in exploring, and worked with a group on display projects to discuss and raise awareness. This term, each group successfully presented their issue in a showcase for the Girls’ Alliance Heads of Schools and the other girls.

Being part of the Student Alliance Group is an inspiring, educational and motivating experience. Over the past year, we have gained an awareness and passion for the issues that affect us as women. We have also gained new friends with whom we can have conversations, share ideas and explore solutions.

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