Screen It competition

In Term 3 2016 a group of enthusiastic Year 1 and Year 2 students entered the Australian Centre for the Moving Image’s Screen It competition.

This is a competition open to all students across Australia from Kindergarten to Year 12. There are three categories in which entries can be submitted, these being animated film, live action film and video game.

Ascham girls in Year 1 and Year 2 created an animated film and entered it into the Foundation to Year 4 age division. The theme was ‘Mystery’. The students involved volunteered and committed to completing the project during their lunchtimes. Each group started by developing a script. After this was finalised, the groups began constructing their sets out of recyclable materials. They then used clay to create the characters. With careful planning, persistence and collaboration, the students worked on these for a number of weeks. When the sets and characters were finished, the students used Stop Motion Pro on the iPads to film and edit the animations.

Each student was assigned a specific role to play and these ranged from director to narrator. Through the process of creating their film, the students learnt a lot about how animations are made and all of the work that goes on behind the scenes. The students were surprised that the 200 still photographs that they had taken produced just under two minutes of film! All of the students involved enjoyed this project and we hope you enjoy watching their films.

Year 1’s film:

Year 2’s film:

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