Phoebe and Storm – a very special relationship

Many boarders at Ascham come from remote rural areas and large farms where working with or training horses, and having horses as special pets, is a normal part of life.

Year 7 boarder Phoebe Oates from Boomi in north western NSW certainly misses riding her 22-year-old gelding thoroughbred Storm every day. Most days at home she rides Storm ‘just for fun’ but on Tuesdays and Fridays Phoebe trains Storm, more seriously, for jumps, with her mum. Phoebe has owned Storm for four years and over that time they have developed an incredibly strong, and successful, bond.

Before owning Storm, Phoebe says she had no interest in show jumping. But Storm loves jumping and this has made Phoebe a showjumper, and it is now the thing she enjoys doing most in her life.

It is very touching to hear Phoebe talk about her connection with Storm; she loves his loyalty and kindness and the fact that he always wants to go fast when she is riding him. Phoebe explained that the horse can sense all her emotions. If she feels unconfident in the saddle then Storm will lack confidence in his jumps.

When owner and horse learn to work confidently together they can achieve great things. Earlier this year at the North West Equestrian Expo, Storm helped Phoebe become a State Showjumping Reserve Champion in the Under 13 State team awards and achieved the highest point-scoring zone (zone 8).

We wish Phoebe and Storm all the best in future competitions, and a long and happy partnership!

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