Year 1 explores 3D printing

As part of their Science unit on Forces, Year 1 students have used Tinkercad, online 3D-drawing software, to design a floating craft.

The students were required to design a structure that could float and carry the weight of a small Lego figurine. The girls experimented with different 3D shapes in water to discover whether they float or sink. The properties of each shape such as its depth, height and the surface area of the base were examined in relation to the shape’s stability and buoyancy in water. The girls also discussed height and position of structures on top of the base, and over two lessons they used Tinkercad in pairs to design their floating craft. It was wonderful to see the girls working so diligently through all the research and design stages. After the floating crafts were printed on the 3D printer, they were tested in water to see if they could float and carry the weight of the Lego figurine. Students looked at each design and reflected on its success. Our girls were amazed to see their designs come to life in 3D.

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