Ascham girls help Senior citizens make PC skills a breeze

Ascham School and Woollahra Council have come together to create a program called ‘Easy PC’.

This program pairs an Ascham girl with a member of the Woollahra community aged over 55, with the student providing one-on-one tutoring in how to navigate and understand the digital world.

Each Monday afternoon, interested residents in the Woollahra Municipality come to Ascham to work with the girls and learn computer skills that they can use every day. The girls help with a range of skills including how to create and manage an email account, Google searches and tools, online databases for Seniors, Social Media, uploading photos from a camera to a computer, and how to do advanced image searching.

One couple working together includes Year 11 student Emma Debus, and Woollahra Council resident Denise Lyons. Emma said, ‘I have definitely enjoyed the program. I really feel like I’m doing something good in helping Denise and it’s so enjoyable. Since working with Denise, I have also managed to help my own Grandma. Whenever I see Grandma she always asks me to help her with her PC skills, so I am really happy to help whenever I can’.

Denise said that prior to working with Emma, she found technology extremely daunting. However, through her relationship with Emma, Denise’s confidence has grown exponentially and she has learned a great deal about navigating, understanding and managing the digital realm.

Denise said, ‘Emma is so lovely, and knows she needs much patience! To have the patience to teach me is just incredible in such a young woman. I have a great deal of knowledge that I have learnt during the course of my life, and I wish I could teach Emma all there is that I know, the way that she has taught me. These classes are brilliant and I intend to sign up for every one!’

Anyone who is interested in joining the Easy PC program at Ascham School can contact Sarah Melody, Community Development Officer at Woollahra Council on 9391 7166, or email

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