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Ascham Scholarships are awarded to girls who will thrive academically and personally through the Dalton Plan, and who will in turn make a significant contribution to the life of the School.

Ascham School awards scholarships annually to selected girls in recognition of their achievements and potential. We welcome applications from girls whose families require some financial assistance to attend the School. Scholarships are means-tested as we believe this approach brings diversity that benefits all students and is consistent with our School ethos.

Scholarships on Offer

Ascham Scholarships are awarded to boarders and day girls from Year 7 to Year 10 and are open to current students and external applicants.

Ascham awards up to 15 scholarships annually in the following categories:


All-round excellence


Ascham Old Girls

Diversity (Selection Criteria)

Award and review

Ascham scholarships are awarded after the successful completion of the Ascham Scholarship application process. Acceptance of an offer will require payment of the non-refundable enrolment fee, payment of which confirms acceptance of the scholarship.

All scholarships are reviewed annually and if the recipient is considered to be making outstanding progress, as well as an ongoing valuable contribution to the School, the scholarship will be renewed. Periodically we also ask parents to refresh their ‘financial need statement’ to ensure financial assistance continues to be appropriate. We would expect that under normal circumstances scholarships would be renewed.

Scholarship application process

Girls and their parents may apply for an Ascham Scholarship by:

  • completing the registration form online
  • submitting a portfolio including recent awards and achievements, most recent school and NAPLAN reports and handwritten piece by the student about why she is applying for a scholarship at Ascham
  • including a photo of the applicant
  • submitting a completed Statement of Financial Position. The Statement of Financial Position can be included with the applicant’s portfolio or emailed directly to the Scholarship review team.

All applicants will be required to sit an examination at Ascham. Successfully shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend a day of activities and an interview with the Head of School. Successfully shortlisted Music applicants are also invited to attend a Music audition.

Scholarship registrations are now open for 2019 entry.

Boarding Assistance Bursaries

We are very proud of our boarding history at Ascham and we are committed to continue to support the country boarders who, without our assistance, would not be able to benefit from the opportunities offered by our School.

In response to this, Ascham offers a number of bursaries, open to families living in country NSW, to support their daughters in boarding at Ascham. Boarding Assistance Bursaries are open to external applicants and current students.

For all Bursary related enquiries and application information, please contact the Enrolments Office.


When do Applications close?

Scholarship applications usually close in February of the previous year.

What time does Scholarship Testing Day commence and conclude?

Each Ascham Scholarship Day commences at 8.15am and concludes at 1pm.

Am I able to sit for remote scholarship testing if I am not in New South Wales on the scheduled date of testing?

Ascham does not offer remote testing.

Since we applied my daughter has had an injury or illness that prevents her from sitting the exam (eg broken her arm, the flu, twisted her ankle). What can be done to accommodate her?

If your daughter can’t write, a scribe can be arranged. Other illnesses – please provide a letter detailing the situation and forward it to the School marked, Scholarships ‘FAO Director of Enrolments and Community’. Every situation will be considered individually, and options provided accordingly. Please also login to Allwell and amend your application online – outlining illness etc.

How do we apply?

Registration for 2019 entry scholarships will open Monday 16 October 2017.

How much does it cost to register for Scholarship Testing?

The non-refundable registration fee is AUS$100. If you are applying for more than one scholarship type you are only required to pay a single registration fee.

We have now completed the application and posted it to you. How will we know you have received our application?

The School will send an email of acknowledgement.

We would like to apply for a scholarship, we are Australian citizens. However, we are currently living overseas. How can I apply?

Ascham scholarships are available to Australian citizens or Permanent Residents only. You can apply from overseas, however if your daughter is shortlisted she must attend the Scholarship Testing Day in Sydney.

We would like to apply for Scholarships. However, we are not Australian residents or citizens. Our daughter, however, attends school in Australia. Is this possible?

Ascham scholarships are only available to Australian citizens or Permanent Residents. The applicant’s status would need to change for her to be eligible to apply, so that she is recognised as a permanent resident by the Australian government (immigration).

Will we be required to supply financial information?

Ascham Scholarships are means-tested. You will be required to complete our Statement of Financial Position and supply your last two tax returns.

Are we required to supply school reports, a portfolio or other supporting material?

The Scholarship Registration form outlines all required supporting material.

Should I not be a successful scholarship winner for 2018, once enrolled at the school am I eligible to sit any further scholarships on offer?

Yes. Scholarships are open to both external and internal candidates.

Can we take a tour of the school prior to Scholarship Testing Day?

An Information Session and School campus tours will be held for parents on the scholarship testing day.

If we receive an Ascham Scholarship what exactly is included ... eg how much will I be given 50%, 100%? Will I only receive tuition? Will the school cover uniforms, other equipment etc?

Scholarship conditions vary. Generally scholarships cover a percentage of tuition fees only. Music Scholarships cover a percentage of tuition and some other music related activities. Boarding scholarships are usually boarding only; however, there are further avenues for financial assistance such as the ICPA. Please contact the school for more information.

What are the chances of my daughter being successful?

Applicants being considered vary from year to year, therefore, we cannot predict the outcome of the Scholarship Testing results.

What should my daughter wear on Scholarship Testing Day?

Girls are asked to wear their current school uniform.

What does my daughter need to bring on Scholarship Testing Day?

Your daughter will need a blue pen, a black pen and some water in a clear bottle. Morning tea and lunch will be provided by the school. If you daughter has specific dietary needs, please contact the school. Mobile phones and calculators are not permitted in the testing area.

FAQ–Music Scholarship

When will the music auditions be held?

Music Scholarship Day date to be announced. Short-listed candidates only will be invited to audition.

How many pieces will my daughter need to prepare for the audition if short listed?

Two contrasting pieces of no longer than five minutes per piece. If your daughter is strong in two instruments we would welcome a piece on each instrument.

Will our daughter’s sight-reading be tested?


What are the selection criteria?

When selecting girls for an Ascham Music Scholarship, the School will take into consideration:

  • Performance in the scholarship written examination
  • the musical needs of the school
  • the co-curricular profile of the candidate.

In addition, for Music Scholarships girls will expected to have attained a minimum of:

  • Grade 7 for strings and piano
  • Grade 5 for woodwind and brass instruments.

Can the School provide an accompanist for her audition, and if so, will my daughter get a chance to rehearse with the accompanist prior to her audition?

Yes we can provide an accompanist. If your daughter is short listed, rehearsal time and other information will be provided to you.

Will our daughter automatically be included in orchestra if she is awarded a Music Scholarship?

We have many ensembles, bands and orchestras which will welcome our Music Scholarship recipients.

Scholarship Criteria

What are the criteria for the Belgiorno Nettis Diversity Scholarship?

The Belgiorno Nettis Diversity Scholarship is open to girls from diverse cultural groups who demonstrate:

  • the ability to make a positive contribution to the life of the School
  • an exemplary work ethic
  • academic potential
  • participation in co-curricular activities
  • social awareness
  • financial need.

This Scholarship will next be offered to a girl entering Year 7 in 2020.

What are the criteria for the Music Scholarship?

When selecting girls for an Ascham Music Scholarship, the School will take into consideration:

  • performance in the scholarship written examination
  • the musical needs of the school
  • the co-curricular profile of the candidate.

In addition, for Music Scholarships girls will be expected to have attained a minimum of:

  • Grade 7 for strings and piano
  • Grade 5 for woodwind and brass instruments.
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