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06 September 2012



An increasing number of our students are aspiring to university study overseas. In recent years we have been providing programs to assist students in Years 11 and 12 to prepare applications for these universities and colleges, through specific programs led by our Careers Advisers and Mrs Hummel. Last year I visited open days and specific Colleges at Oxford and Cambridge with Mrs Hummel, and it is clear our girls need to make quite different applications to these UK universities than they would say, to Harvard or Princeton in the USA. Oxbridge filters applications through the depth of passion students present for the particular discipline they wish to study — be it languages, history, mathematics and so on. For instance, have they taken every opportunity to embrace that area of study by going beyond the syllabus requirements, joining clubs or enrichment programs, going on exchange — the subject they apply for and evidence that this is a major focus is central to chances of success. American colleges want a broader set of interests displayed. The Harvard Application which I’ve assisted girls with both here and at my former school would be half empty if an applicant couldn’t nominate a broad range of co-curricular activities.

When I asked a tutor at an Oxford College last year whether they would be impressed by a girl who had also excelled in a sport or debating, for instance, his response was that was obviously very nice for them but would not be a factor in their being offered a place. The Ivy League colleges represent quite a different view. Perhaps this is why elite UK schools such as St Paul’s Girls’ in London are not interested in the International Baccalaureate and resolutely stick to A Levels. The High Mistress, Ms Clarissa Farr, told me the depth of study in A Levels as opposed to the wider range of subjects required for the IB, was an important factor in the very high numbers of her girls accepted into Oxbridge.

This week we were fortunate to have Dr Ben Griffin, Director of Studies and Head of Admissions for Girton College, Cambridge, address a gathering of students and parents from several nearby schools, as well as those from Ascham, on the application process. Dr Griffin also lectures in modern British history with a research focus on British political history and the history of feminism. His most recent book is The politics of gender in Victorian Britain: masculinity, political culture and the struggle for women’s rights. Ben is a fellow at Girton College, which, although now mixed, is known as Britain’s first gateway to higher education for women. He did say, however, that he looked for broader participation in the life of the school in his short listed candidates. He viewed this as evidence the applicants hadn’t peaked at school through relentless focus on their studies.

I would urge any of our girls interested on overseas tertiary studies to start preparing her portfolio in Year 10 and 11, with the assistance of our Careers Adviser, Ms Salier. Don’t leave it until Year 12.

We held a wonderful event on behalf of the Ascham Old Girls’ NetWork on Tuesday evening. Women in 2020, The Power of Purpose and Passion was the launch of the Ascham Old Girls’ NetWork. Facilitator, journalist Debbie Whitmont (1974), led a fascinating panel discussion with four other Old Girls: Kate Barrelle, (1986) a clinical and forensic psychologist; Helen Newell (1985) VP Infrastructure, Rio Tinto Energy; Di Ridge (1982) an entrepreneur from Bourke; Harriet Pembroke (2003) Australian Regular Army Lieutenant. Congratulations to Felicity Street and Fiona Coogan for organising this event and for all the work going into producing the database for this NetWork.

Vale The Reverend Canon Boak Alexander Jobbins OAM, Rector of St Mark’s Darling Point and a significant friend of the school. His sudden death last Saturday morning has been such a shock to us all. There were so many members of the Ascham community at the service this morning and I was accompanied by a number of current Ascham girls who attend St Mark’s. The Eulogy given by Boak’s elder son, Lachlan, so personal and so funny even through his shock and grief, moved us all to tears. Our most sincere condolences go to his wife Di, his children and family.


As always we are happy to receive feedback regarding eNews to Jennie Barrett (

Any other issues please contact the school.

The Ascham Council of Governors welcomes feedback from all members of the Ascham Community. If you would like to contact the Council please use the following email address Any emails concerning operational issues within the school will be re-directed to the appropriate department.



Fri 7 Sep   National snowsports championships, Perisher
    Mufti day - History day
  6.30pm Gala sports dinner
Sat 8 Sep   National snowports championships, Perisher
  10am-4pm Technical day for Music Festival
Sun 9 Sep   National snowports championships, Perisher
    Year 12 sleepover
Mon 10 Sep 5.30pm Twilight concert
    Interschools snowsports dinner
  6pm Visit by University of Pennsylvania
Tue 11 Sep   Year 12 end of term card signing
Wed 12 Sep   Music Festival
    Year 12 boarders farewell dinner
Thu 13 Sep   End of term card signing
    Year 12 gala breakfast
    Term 3 ends
  7pm Year 12 Valedictory dinner
Fri 14 Sep All day AMEB piano exams at Ascham
Sat 15 Sep   IGSSA Hockey and Netball finals
Sun 16 Sep   Language study tour to Paris and south of France departs

Mon 8 Oct   Boarders return from 2pm
Tue 9 Oct   Term 4 begins – summer uniform to be worn
Wed 10 Oct 8pm Year 11 Drama excursion - Sex with Strangers, The Sydney Theatre Company - Wharf 1
Fri 12 Oct   Year 10 Science excursion
Sat 13 Oct   School Committee leadership weekend
Sun 14 Oct   School Committee leadership weekend


Fri 7 Sep   Fiona Book Week
Wed 5 - Sun 9 Sep   National snowsports championships
Wed 5 Sep 6.30pm Wind and brass concert, Packer Theatre
Fri 7 Sep All day Year 3 India day
  10-10.30am 6DK assembly
Tue 11 Sep All day Group photographs
Wed 12 Sep 6-7pm Fiona Visual and Performing Arts showcase
Thu 13 Sep 8.15am Year 3 Group Instrumental Concert
  2.40pm Term 3 ends

Tue 9 Oct 8.20am Term 4 begins – summer uniform to be worn
Thu 11 Oct   Girls depart for Somerville House
  11.30am-2.30pm Year 3 and 4 excursion - The Bugalugs Bum Thief
Sat 13 Oct   Girls return from Somerville House


Fri 7 Sep  11.30am 2-7 Indian luncheon, Hillingdon Hall
Sat 8 Sep   Saturday gymnastics and swimming concludes
Mon 10 Sep   K-1 class charity day 
    After school swimming concludes
Wed 12 Sep   Year 2 Soccer concludes
Thu 13 Sep   Term 3 ends
  2pm Prep
  2.10pm Kindergarten
  2.15pm Year 1
  2.20pm Year 2

Tue 9 Oct   Term 4 begins – summer uniform to be worn
    After school swimming begins
Wed 10 Oct   Class swimming begins for Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2
    Year 2 Soccer begins
Sat 13 Oct    Saturday gymnastics and swimming begins

Hillingdon Diary Dates 2012

Term dates 2012/2013


Friday 7 September Southern Lunch, Canberra
Saturday 15 September 1992 Class Reunion
Friday 12 October North/North West Lunch, Armidale
Saturday 20 October Queensland Lunch, Brisbane
Saturday 20 October 1987 Reunion
Saturday 27 October 2002 Reunion
Thursday 6 December 1972 Reunion - tour of Ascham
Saturday 8 December 1972 Reunion - continues

For all enquiries regarding the Old Girl events please contact Old Girl Liaison Officer Michelle Green.


1-5 class assembly and morning tea

1-5 girls have been learning about celebrations and their products. On Thursday 30 August, 1-5 shared their knowledge of Chinese New Year by performing at the Hillingdon assembly. The Chinese New Year festival lasts for 15 days and today it is celebrated all around the world. Did you know that the Chinese often clean their houses just before New Year? This cleans out any bad luck from the old year! Many products are used to celebrate Chinese New Year. Some products we learnt about at the assembly were red money envelopes, Chinese dragons, and beautiful lanterns. 

The Chinese people give each new year the name of a different animal. There are 12 important animals. The 1-5 girls did a wonderful job of telling us the legend of how the years are named after the 12 animals. 

To end their performance, 1-5 sang the ‘Chinese New Year’ song in Mandarin called Gong Xi Ni and showed the splendour of exploding fireworks artwork, and colourful Chinese Dragons. Congratulations to Mrs Vanderstelt and the 1-5 girls for a splendid assembly.

2-9 Charity Day – Fathers’ Day stall

Last Thursday the Hillingdon girls went shopping! It was Fathers’ Day the following Sunday and the girls were eager to select a special gift for their fathers. All the girls in 2-9 assisted others with choosing a gift from a wide range of selections. Thank you to everyone for their donation of gifts, and to all parents, Mrs Matthews and 2-9 who assisted with the organising and running of this special event to make it an enjoyable occasion for everyone. The money raised from this charity day goes to the George Gregan Foundation, which assists with building play equipment for children in hospitals.

Kindergarten fathers and daughters breakfast

Last Friday morning, the Hillingdon Hall was transformed into a ‘breakfast café’ to celebrate our annual father and daughter breakfast. It was wonderful seeing the girls share breakfast with their fathers. We were delighted to have Mrs Robert-Smith with us. We also warmly welcomed Dr Helen Wright who experienced her very first Hillingdon father and daughter breakfast. Fathers were then invited back to their daughter’s classroom to share in her learning.

Sincere thanks to Mrs Giuffre, Miss Joppich, Miss Stark, Miss Clift, Mrs McCoy, the Hillingdon staff and Maintenance team for all their assistance and to Mr Woodrow, Agnes and the catering team for a delightful breakfast. It was a most enjoyable and memorable occasion.

Chickens in Prep

Over the past three weeks, Prep students have been studying farms and the products that we get from them. Many activities have been planned to help focus their learning around this topic. In the second week of farms, the girls enjoyed the Living Eggs program which visited Prep. For two weeks the girls have been observing the hatching of eggs and noting the growth of the new little chickens. When the doors of Prep open each morning, there has been a rush to see the progress of their new little ‘charges’. The girls have enjoyed drawing their observations and these have been displayed for all to see.

Ascham’s holiday tennis clinics for Hillingdon and Fiona girls will take place daily from 24-28 September. Please click on the image for bookings and more information.



Last week saw the much anticipated Year 5 excursion to Ballarat, a highlight of the year. The girls spent the first afternoon at the Log Cabin camp site where they enthusiastically participated in team building, initiative and adventurous activities such as archery, the flying fox and hut building. Our first night was spent at the exciting Sound and Light show ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’, a dramatic retelling of the events leading up to the Eureka battle. Day two was spent at the Gold Museum and exploring Sovereign Hill, an outdoor museum recreating the days of the gold rush in Ballarat. The girls learned about the living conditions, education and experienced first-hand the frustration of panning for gold in the cold and not always having success! An underground mine tour, 1850s stores and meeting some of the characters from the time were some of the day’s highlights.  Our trip finished with a visit to the art gallery on the final day where we saw art works from the time, participated in a debate and saw the actual Southern Cross Flag.

A culmination to the Year 5 HSIE unit on the people, events and impact of the Gold Rush, the excursion was filled with learning and gave the girls an opportunity to build friendships and develop their self-confidence.

Many thanks to the teachers who accompanied the girls and to all the girls who represented Ascham with pride and were praised throughout the trip by the hotel manager, bus drivers and people at airports for their behaviour.

Instrumental concert

Year 3 parents are invited to attend the Year 3 group instrumental concert on Thursday 13 September. The concert will commence promptly at 8.15am in the Packer Theatre. All Year 3 instrumental groups will be performing. The performances will be quite short and the concert will conclude at 8.55am. The girls have made some amazing progress on their chosen instrument and are looking forward to performing for their parents and their peers.


Last week Year 6 visited Canberra as part of their studies of federal government. The girls took part in guided tours as well as participating in role plays where they got to pass a bill at Parliament House and explore the preferential voting system at the Electoral Education Centre. At Parliament House the girls were fortunate enough to meet the Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Food Security, the Hon John Cobb (Lucia McDermott’s grandfather). The girls were also privy to a tour through the Prime Minister’s office and a talk given by one of the Prime Minister’s economic advisers.

Other highlights included playing games at the Australian Institute of Sport, investigating scientific concepts at Questacon and reflecting on those who have served our country at the National War Memorial.

Australian Government assistance for National Capital excursion
The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit their National Capital as part of their civics and citizenship education. To assist you (the parent) in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government is contributing funding of $20 – per eligible student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate (PACER) program toward the travel expenses incurred. This contribution will be paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion.

We would like to thank the Australian Government for their support of this program.

We congratulate all girls for participating in the ICAS English competition. They achieved excellent results with:

  • 11 High Distinctions
  • 42 Distinctions and
  • 68 Credits.

Most importantly, the development and gains in skills from 2011 was very pleasing.
Congratulations to:

  • The girls who competed so strongly in the Fiona Gymnastics Competition last Saturday
  • Year 5 and 6 girls for their exemplary behaviour on excursion last week. They were a credit to their families and Ascham.

Fiona Book Week

With thanks to Ms Cameron, we have enjoyed a wonderful week with the visit of Elizabeth Honey, our author in residence. She has worked with every girl through their library lessons with the girls being the recipients of her inspiration. She will also address the school at assembly on Friday, along with 6DK’s assembly.

Not to miss…
  • Visual and Performing Arts Showcase next Wednesday 12 September at 6pm in the Fiona Hall.
  • Year 3 Celebration Instrumental Performance in the Packer Theatre from 8.15-9am next Thursday 13 September. All Year 3 parents are most welcome to attend.

A message from the Parents' Association

Year 5 fathers and daughters have a busy Term 4. Please save the following dates with more information to follow:

Sunday 25 November at 10am: watersports and barbecue at Balmoral Beach for fathers (or significant other male) and daughters.

Friday 30 November — Saturday 1 December — Year 5 camp at the Basin in Pittwater for fathers (or significant other male) and daughters. The camp is being organised by Year 5 parents and a detailed invitation will be sent to all families shortly.

Fiona group photos
Fiona group photos will be held on Tuesday 11 September. Please check the schedule carefully and ensure that your daughter has the required clothing and equipment for each of her photos.

  • Girls are expected to be in full winter uniform for all non-sporting photos and in full sports tracksuit for sports photos
  • Musicians are expected to have their instrument with them
  • There will be no lending of uniforms so it is crucial that the girls are prepared
  • If your daughter is absent on the day their name will be recorded at the bottom of the photo as absent.

Extracurricular registrations Term 4
We are currently streamlining extracurricular registrations in Fiona. As a result we have decided to trial registrations online for Term 4 using trybooking which you have become familiar with when booking events.

Please refer to the attached extracurricular schedule and costing table prior to completing your registrations online. This schedule includes all sport and music activities to allow you to work out what will fit into your daughter’s busy schedule.

Please note this online enrolment is only for extracurricular and not Saturday sport for Term 4.

Paper registrations are no longer available for extracurricular activities. All students must be registered through trybooking. This will alleviate the paper trail and the loss of forms between diaries and the sports box.

Online registration commenced Friday 24 August and closes on Friday 7 September at 9pm. Late registrations will not be accepted. If you have any problems using Trybooking then please contact Fiona Reception and they will assist you.

To register your daughter for an extracurricular activity please follow the steps below.

Click on the following Trybooking link:

  • Complete all required fields.
  • You only need to select 'yes' for the activity/ies that you wish to enrol your daughter in.
  • You will receive an email confirmation once registration is complete, the receipt will not state which activities you have registered for but it will confirm that your registration was successful.
  • Please keep this for future reference.



Year 6
Everyone played really well this weekend against Tara. It was a very tight match with Tara beating us by only one goal. It was great to see everyone passing quickly and accurately throughout the match. Well done team.

Nastassia Nickolas (Team Captain)

Best and fairest

Year 3 Netball
Lara Mead
Rebecca Molnar
Victoria Ridhalgh
Alexandra Roberts
Julia Taleb
Sofia Ashburn
Mimi Kind
Jewel Cannock
Alannah Ding
Eliza Kwek
Gemma Green
Lana Turner
Year 4 Netball
Alexa Gwyn
Imogen McDonald
Lucie Lloyd-Jones
Alexandra Berger
Isabelle Tobin
Tabatha Shaw
Isobel McCaffery
Francesca Markham
Nina Mehigan

Year 5
Sophie Sullivan
Lulu Anderson
Harriet Psaltis
Olivia Waterhouse
Amber Burston
Portia Goodman
Brigid Sullivan
Annese Lingafelter
Claudia Barber
Holly Anderson
Victoria Gillespie
Chloe Molnar
Year 6
Poppy Thomson
Lianna Patete
Niamh Todd
Sophie Darling
Cella Purcell
Nastassia Nickolas
Claudia Saywell
Chelsea Koltai
Alexandra Matusko
Mariika Mehigan
Armaity Pavri
Jacqui Woods
Stella Bookallil
Emma Kwek
Ali Harasty
Artistic Gymnastics          
Carson Biddle
Rebecca Molnar
Mia Musgrove
Teya Kind
Mia Samengo
Margie Milne
Ashleigh Kind

Fiona gymnastics competition

Congratulations to all the girls who competed in the Fiona Gymnastics Championships on the weekend. It was wonderful to see the improvements in the girls’ skills throughout the year; they have obviously worked hard for their coaches. The overall results were very close with only 0.2 separating some of the girls.

Artistic results


Overall winner

Overall 2nd place

Overall 3rd place


Lucy Marinelli

Heloise Varnarva
Lydia Wohl

Ruby Laver


Mimi Kind

Madison Cooney

Rebecca Molnar


Margherita Milne

Olivia Gallant

Portia Goodman


Nina Mehigan

Teya Kind

Jessica Brooke

4 - State

Maya Bahra

Chelsea Koltai


4 - National

Lucinda Stening

Mia Samengo



Ashley Kind



Rhythmic Results


Overall winner

Overall 2nd place

Overall 3rd place


Isabella Hile
Sofia Everett

Eliza Kwek



Annabel Stevens

Millie Brooke

Sophie Williams


Isabella Pongrass

Nastassia Nickolas

Alyssa Lau


Mariika Mehigan

Annabel Khun



Sophie- Charlotte Busch



Congratulations to the girls who have been selected into the IPSHA team. These girls will compete at the championships on 25 October. We wish them all the very best of luck.

IPSHA Athletics
We took a large team to IPSHA this year and all the girls performed exceptionally well. Congratulations to the girls who have qualified for CIS. They will compete at the CIS championships on Wednesday 12 September and we wish them all the best.

Please see the results attached.

Ascham’s holiday tennis clinics for Hillingdon and Fiona girls will take place daily from 24-28 September. Please click on the image for bookings and more information.


Egg drop

A couple of weeks ago was National Science Week for 2012 and the Science Department decided to run an egg drop from the kitchen balcony. The challenge was to invent a creative contraption that will prevent a raw egg from breaking when it is dropped from the balcony.  We were all able to participate in this fantastic event and had so much fun showing off our creative and scientific skills. Many contraptions did succeed with the egg remaining intact and there were many prizes to be won. Even if your egg spilt, it just made you want to design a new contraption. There were parachutes, parcels, newspaper packages and many other interesting designs.  Overall it was a really great science activity that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. 

Gabi Stricker-Phelps Year 7

A couple of Wednesdays ago the science department held an egg drop to celebrate national science week. The aim was to drop an egg from the dining room balcony without it breaking when it hit the ground. We were allowed to use a variety of arts and crafts equipment including balloons, newspaper and paddle pop sticks. Many of us were successful in dropping our eggs off the balcony without them breaking and some of the creations were beautiful as well as effective in keeping the egg safe. My partner Zoe Moore and I managed to stop our egg from breaking by wrapping it in several layers of newspaper, plastic bags and balloons. The egg drop was a lot of fun and there were lollies for everyone which made it a very enjoyable way to spend our Wednesday lunch time.

Holly Campbell Year 10


On Monday the Year 12s had their final Sisters Meeting and the Committee and Ms Beesley decided to mark this event with the implementation of a final initiative. Each girl was given a sheet that included questions about her opinion of Sisters and her favourite memories and activities during the year as well as naming the funniest and the most enthusiastic members of the group. They also had the opportunity to decorate the pages how they wished and we believe there was some welcome ‘treat sharing’ to fuel everyone on. The pages from each group will be bound and the file will be kept in their Sisters’ rooms. We hope this activity will continue each year, forming a record of the group, and allowing the girls to look back on all that they have learned and shared. Finally, all of us on the Sisters Committee wish to thank all the girls for their fantastic participation and enthusiasm – you have very much made the hard work worth it!

Amelia Burke (Head of Sisters Committee)

Holdsworth Disability Ball

Over the last six months, a group of Year 11 and Year 12 Ascham and Waverley students have been busy planning the Holdsworth Disability Ball. This event is an annual night held for the disabled members of the Holdsworth Community Centre, as well as their families and carers. In the lead up to the event we met weekly to plan and discuss the theme, food, decorations and entertainment for the evening. The theme of the night was ‘Oscars’, and the Waverly hall was dressed up with decorations, hand made by us. On the night, we helped to welcome guests, as well as serving the four course meal, prepared by the Hospitality students at Waverley. Nicola Chow and Matilda Elliot also volunteered to perform on the evening, entertaining the crowd with their superb vocal and dancing talents. Later, we were able to get to know the guests and were able to join the celebrations on the dance floor. It was a great night for all, and was well worth the many weeks of planning.

Stephanie Russell and Jordaan Drabsch

Music Festival rehearsals
Music Festival rehearsals are certainly in full swing — the grounds and music rooms are alive with song and dance!

Calling all Year 7 Kath and Kimderellas (or Year 7 mothers and daughters)
Following on from last year’s highly successful movie night, Year 7s are doing it all again on the last evening of term. Join in the fun for a screening of Kath and Kimderella on Thursday 13 September from 5.30pm at Events Cinemas Bondi Junction.


For Fathers' Day on Sunday, the boarders invited their dads to spend the day jet boating on Sydney Harbour! Jet boating involves travelling at fast speed, 270 degree spins and power brake stops. The girls had the chance to see the Harbour’s famous sites including the Opera House, Fort Denison, Rose Bay, Goat Island, Taronga Zoo and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was an extremely exciting and an adventurous way to spend Fathers' Day.

Fiesta dinner was the theme for Tuesday night’s dinner. John served a variety of Mexican dishes and the girls went to a great effort to dress up for the occasion. There were the burritos including some burnt ones (the girls were dressed in black and yellow t-shirts), guacomole and sour cream, the cactus and ‘Gringo’.

Due to high demand from the girls, surfing lessons are on again in Term 4. Please click here for the registration form. Please forward the completed form to Ms Mansutti’s email address


AMEB exam results
On Friday 14 September, about 140 students will sit for their AMEB practical examinations at Ascham, with some also in Clarence St. The AMEB no longer gives results on the day of the exam, so these will be distributed to students in early Term 4 via their instrumental teacher.

Music Festival DVD order form


2013 Grand Tour to Italy

We have 11 very keen students who have signed up to attend the Art and History Tour to Italy in the 2013 September school holidays. Unless further registrations occur during Term 4 we may have to consider the cancellation of this tour.

Girls do not need to be studying Art or History to attend this tour. If your daughter has an interest in Art and/or History and will be in Year 9, 10 or 11 next year she is eligible to attend. If you require more information or would like your daughter to attend this tour, we ask that you contact Mr Morabito on or Mrs Lumsdaine on by the end of the term.

Visiting Artist Program

A number of Year 11 students have been working with guest conceptual artist, Oliver Watts, on a series of large scale collages. The girls have been learning about a variety of approaches to collage including the use of silhouettes, graphic and abstract shapes, the light intervention of textured or printed paper, and paper as a more painterly or sculptural application. In the studio the students worked through a number of these techniques to produce their own images. Amelia Buckland, Zoe Delaney, Holly Gavin, Fiona Harasty, Victoria Hodgkinson, Megan Hood, Annika Kemp, Maya La Bransky, Sophie Lanigan, Emma Sheehan, Martha Swift and Gabrielle Westbrook-Patrick worked hard over the course of one whole day and two half days creating experimental and richly layered images.


Year 5 drinks

On Saturday evening the McCormack family very generously hosted a lovely Year 5 drinks party in their home. The evening was organised by the year parents and was very well attended with lots of new parents enjoying the opportunity to get to know their year group. Wrap and Roll provided great food, some family members were recruited to be the waiters and the party didn't finish till midnight. 

Thank you to Jacqueline and Breck and the great year parents for organising this warm and fun evening.


Ascham Old Girls NetWork

Tuesday evening marked the beginning of a new venture for the AOGU, the launch of the Ascham Old Girls NetWork.  

Louise Robert-Smith with members of the Old Girls Committee welcomed Old Girls, parents, mothers, grandmothers and students to an event with an engaging panel discussion around the theme of Women in 2020 The Power of Purpose and Passion.

With the guests seated Diane Grady, Chair, Council of Governors, gave an address to the audience via video presentation and Felicity Street went on to introduce the impressive panel. Kate Barrelle, (1986) a clinical and forensic psychologist and Co-founder of STREAT; Helen Newell (1985) VP Infrastructure, Rio Tinto Energy; Di Ridge (1982) an entrepreneur from Bourke; Harriet Pembroke (2003) Australian Regular Army Lieutenant and Debbie Whitmont (1974) our esteemed moderator, who is an award winning journalist at the ABC’s Four Corners.  

The stimulating talk led the audience down the road from our beginnings at school, where our life path began, and how our experiences and challenges moulded us. With each twist and turn our passion and purpose is required to adapt to an ever changing world. This topic appealed to all our guests and the panellists. The evening proved to be enjoyable in every way and an incredible night for sharing stories, swapping contact details and making new friends.

One aspect of our lives, which we Old Girls share, was also highlighted by the panel: our education at Ascham. The girls, the teachers and headmistresses have been critical in our development and we have been fortunate to have the most amazing mentors from school help us take our first steps into the real world. From here we have set up a connection back to school, the Ascham Old Girls NetWork. This resource will provide assistance to all Old Girls for careers, businesses, re-entering the workforce, volunteer and community work, mentoring and more!

If you would like to join the Network please click on this link and complete the survey.
Thank you to all the Old Girls who have responded to the survey and just a reminder this network is not just a business directory so all Old Girls are welcome to join whether in business or at home running the family.

On behalf of the AOG Committee we look forward to providing assistance with this new initiative and seeing you back at school for our series of Ascham Old Girls NetWork events in 2013. Your feedback is important along with your requests for speakers and topics of interest to you and your peer group.

For further information please contact: Michelle Green on (02) 8356 7065 or via email

Applications for the Ascham Leadership Scholarship 2012/2013 are now open. The scholarship is open to all Ascham Old Girls between the ages of 20 and 30 (before 31 March 2013). The scholarship will enable the recipient to undertake research or humanitarian aid work outside Australia in alignment with her professional degree and development.

Last year’s recipient, Georgia Driels (2007), spent time in India where she worked with the Centre of Refugee Research (SRR). During her time there, Georgia documented and facilitated a series of training courses including income generation and marketing, human rights and gender, community responses to violence and counselling. Georgia has described her time in India as a ‘life changing experience’.

Application form

For further information please contact Mr Ludo Onstein.


Summer sports uniforms
Rowing – zootie, rowing polo, UV training shirt, long hockey/football socks
Softball – striped polo, softball pants, white long socks
Touch Football – crested bike shorts, (numbered shirt supplied)
Tennis – white shirt and skirt, tennis shorts (optional)
Water polo – water polo suit, team cap

All students will require a school tracksuit we well as the above items and may be asked to wear this to the game/sport. For all senior girls who have selected the above sports please note the following uniform items are required for participation in the competitions.

Swimming Term 4 — all students including Kindergarten
Swimming starts for all girls in Term 4. All sizes are now available: $47.50 (girls' sizes) and $51.50 (ladies' sizes). Hillingdon and Fiona girls, other items you will need include swimming bag: $25.50, swimming cap: $7.50, goggles (four varieties): $10 - $22.70.

Fiona PE — new look uniform
Size 10 and 12 shirts and shorts have sold out but more stock will be arriving soon.

Price list

Shop hours — 8am-4pm Monday-Friday until the end of term (closed 12noon-1pm).

Direct phone number 8356 7062.

School holidays hours — closing Thursday 13 September and reopening Tuesday 2 October at 9am.


Inaugural Sports Awards dinner
We are extremely pleased with the response that we have had to this event and excited to see everyone that is coming tomorrow night. Please see below event confirmation:

Start time: 6.30pm
Venue: Le Montage, 38 Frazer Street, Lilyfield
Dress code: Lounge suit for all including students


Boarders’ Tennis Championships

Congratulations to Claire Burns and Emma Crossing for claiming the Ascham Boarders’ Championships last weekend. After a rusty start the girls went on to claim the trophy with a finals victory over Holly Baker and Sophie Garrett. Claire and Emma are particularly pleased to not only have won the event but also have their names engraved on a trophy which is named after their grandmother. Thank you to all girls who participated in a fun and relaxed afternoon of tennis.

Invitational Kincoppal tennis match
Unfortunately Kincoppal has had to withdraw from this weekend’s proposed practice match on 8 September due to insufficient player numbers. This fixture is of importance to the Tennis Department and to the players involved and we hope to reschedule this event at a date to be advised in Term 4.


CIS carnival
Congratulations to Annabelle Parmegiani, Holly Campbell and Paige Campbell who have all qualified to compete at the CIS athletics carnival to be held in the first week of the school holidays. We wish all girls the very best of luck and look forward to reporting their results next term.

Training has now finished for the term.

If you have any inquiries regarding athletics please don’t hesitate to contact Meagan Mannix on 0427 947 144 or via email at  


Congratulations to all hockey teams who have competed in the IGSSA competition this term. All teams have played extremely well and achieved remarkable results throughout the season. It is impressive to see the vast improvement of skills, tactical play and team cohesion throughout the weeks leading up to the end of the season.

Last weekend all teams participated in the last round match for the season. Special mention to Ascham 4 who have been undefeated throughout the whole competition! The girls have had such a positive season conceding only two goals in the whole comp. Their overall game play has proved to be very successful including their mid field defence and attacking. Well done Ascham 4!

The Junior As had a fantastic win on the weekend against PLS 5 at Keeymagh Turf. The girls played a great tactical game dominating 80% of the game. Although the juniors had a fair few shots at goal they were only able to convert one. Congratulations to Susannah Cooke who scored her first goal of the season.

Round 7 results     
Ascham 1 v QUE 1
Ascham 2 V RAV 2
Ascham 3 V LON 4
Ascham 4 V PYM 7
Ascham 5 V PLS 5
Ascham 6 V LON 9
Ascham 7 V RAV 4
Ascham 8 V KAM 5

Match Report by Cassidy Ainsworth Grace — Team 8
On 1 September, Ascham 8 played Kambala 5 at Steyne Park. Sadly it was a disappointing loss resulting in 3-0. The team battled hard in both halves, but the opposition just managed to get the ball into the goal those three times.

Meghan played as goalie this week, and she was amazing. She managed to stop the other team from hitting the balls into the goal from afar. The goals that were scored were all up close, and the ball managed to slip past her feet.

Asha and Alexis were great defenders and halves this match. Asha was always there to stop the Kambala forwards from getting too close to the goal. Alexis always chased the ball, and did some great tackles that stopped the opposition or made them slow down to get around her, which allowed the rest of the team time to get back.

Gabi was a great forward, and got the ball up the field. When the ball was hit from the top of the goal circle, Gabi would be in the centre, behind the opposite team, and some of the time all of us were. We all need to go wide and look up to see where we are running, so as not to plough straight into the other team’s stick.

Claudia and Charlotte were great forwards. When Claudia got the ball, she would jog slowly up the field and sometimes the other team would catch up to her, and try to steal the ball from her, but not without a fight. Claudia would battle it out, and normally win. Charlotte did have some great shots. She received the ball from Maisy, and hit it in the goal circle, where the rest of the team tried to put it in the back of the goal.

Elizabeth had some brilliant moments. She got the ball nervously, but hit it confidently out to the sides, which most of the other members of the team weren’t doing. She was great! Maisy was the star player of the game as she was the main player who actually got the ball up the field. She was always there to support Gabi, and together we all got the ball going somewhere.

All in all, this was a pretty good last match, and we worked hard, but the other team just managed to come out on top.

Semifinals – Saturday 8 September 2012
Congratulations to the following teams who have qualified for the semifinals: Ascham 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7.

Semifinal draw

Finals – Saturday 15 September 2012
Please note: finals will be played on the first Saturday of the holidays. All teams who qualify for the finals are expected to be available for the finals weekend.

Training Schedule
Venue List

Wet weather
Send an SMS to 199 22 767
In the body of the text you need to put in one of the following codes (these codes will be the NAME of the SPORT and the first initial of the venue eg. hockeya = Hockey played at all venues starting with ‘a’ such as Abbotsleigh) corresponding to the venue where you are playing.

If you have any inquiries regarding hockey please don’t hesitate to contact Nicola Harding on 0439 403 271 or via email at


Congratulations to all girls who participated in the Term 3 IGSSA Netball Competition. Unfortunately we have no teams through to the semifinals round. Final table standings are below. A special congratulations to Ascham 17 who were on equal points for fourth position and only just missed out on semifinal qualification by a few for and against points.

Ascham 1 - 7th
Ascham 2 - 8th
Ascham 3- 6th
Ascham 4- 8th
Ascham 5- 8th
Ascham 6 - 7th
Ascham 7 - 7th
Ascham 8 - 7th
Ascham 9 - 6th
Ascham 10 - 8th
Ascham 11 - 8th
Ascham 12 - 7th
Ascham 13 - 6th
Ascham 14 - 7th
Ascham 15- 8th
Ascham 16 - 6th
Ascham 17- 5th

If you have any inquiries regarding netball please don’t hesitate to contact Ashleigh Peppernell on 0427 293 110 or via email at   

Water polo

MLC competition
A reminder that there will be no Water polo this Friday night due to the Inaugural Sports Awards Dinner. Details of the following week will be available next week.

If you have any inquiries regarding water polo please don’t hesitate to contact Alex Christian on 0427 263 387 or via email at   

Classes will finish for the term on Friday 7 September, please check eNews next week for Term 4 class information.

If you have any inquiries regarding fitness please don’t hesitate to contact Meagan Mannix on 0427 947 144 or via email at  

All gymnasts competing in the IGSSA Gymnastics competition in Term 4 need to hand their permission slip to Miss Harding before the end of term. Please collect a permission slip from the PE Department if you havent already received one.

Holiday training
All IGSSA gymnasts are expected to attend holiday training. All gymnasts attending holiday training need to hand their holiday training permission slip in to Miss Harding before the end of term. Please collect a permission slip from the PE Department if you haven’t already received one.


Lane 4
Please find below the enrolment forms for holiday training and Term 4 training.

Student enrolment form
Adult enrolment form
Spring holiday enrolment form
Hillingdon enrolment form

Zero Tolerance Policy for Abusive and/or Offensive Language at Sport
Through this policy Ascham is taking a proactive approach to eliminate abusive and/or offensive language from our sporting teams.

This policy represents a punishment for abusive and/or offensive language.

If an Ascham coach or staff member hears a player use abusive and/or offensive language, even if it is self-directed, the player will be removed from the field.

The coach and/or staff member can use their discretion as to where the player needs a time out and can return to the field or their behaviour warrants time off for the remainder of the game.

If a coach/staff member undertakes the above action they must submit a written report on the incident to the Head of PDHPE as soon as possible.

For further information on Sport Code of Conduct please refer to AHIGS – Code of Conduct For Inter-School Sport.



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