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House competitions and activities are an important part of school life, promoting school spirit, strong relationships between girls and opportunities for leadership.

Houses are part of school life from Year 3. In Fiona there are three Houses: Coolac, Waree and Bunya. Girls compete for their House at the Swimming Carnival, in House Debating and Cross Country. Girls also earn house points throughout the year for academic achievements as well as good deeds or showing responsibility, independence and organisation.

There are six Houses in the Senior School: Bailey, Carter, Glenrock, Street, Wallis and Whitehead. They compete at the school's Swimming and Athletics carnivals, as well as the annual House Festival and Inter-House Debating Competition. As in Fiona, girls can earn House points throughout the year for showing responsibility, initiative, and being good citizens.


An important element of the House structure in the Senior School is Sisters. The Sisters groups are small vertical groups of girls from each House who meet regularly to take part in activities such as The Amazing Race, general knowledge and trivia quizzes, ethics discussions, buddy groups, peer support and mini Olympics. These groups continue throughout a girl's time in the senior school, providing the younger girls a strong support system with girls from every year group.