Wellbeing in Hillingdon

Student wellbeing is integral to all that we do in Hillingdon. We have a proactive pastoral care program where each girl is known and nurtured as an individual.

A happy and caring environment

We constantly strive to provide a happy and caring environment where each student feels secure. The principles of trust, respect, co-operation and concern for others are values that are engendered amongst the girls and are included in our Personal Development classes and Social Skill programs. Courtesy and good manners are expected at all times. 

Student welfare programs focus on developing confident learners, encouraging positive social skills and building community bonds through PDH lessons, social skills lessons, learning buddies and service to others through charity days and sponsorships. The You Can Do It program explicitly teaches the skills of confidence, persistence, resilience, cooperation and organisation.

We encourage our girls to appreciate their own worth, and that of others, so that eveyone can develop to her potential.

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