Music in Hillingdon

At Ascham, we offer many opportunities to encounter and appreciate music in a wide variety of forms and styles. Of equal importance, we encourage girls at all levels to participate actively in the musical life of the school, in a range of vocal and instrumental ensembles working towards performances in assemblies, recitals and formal concerts.

Hillingdon Classroom Music (P–2)

The classroom music program in Fiona is based on the Kodály method, which is a developmentally sequential approach to music education. A strong focus on singing as a learning tool is fundamental to this approach and music literacy is progressively acquired and internalised. All Hillingdon girls attend two 30-minute Music lessons each week. In addition to this, girls from Kindergarten to Year 2 attend Hillingdon singing each week, where they sing a wide repertoire of songs, participate in listening activities and in the second half of the year, prepare songs for the Hillingdon Open Day.

Year 2 Choir

Girls in Year 2 attend a weekly choir rehearsal which is linked to their Classroom Music program. Year 2 Choir performs at Final Assembly at the end each term, the Annual Ascham Choral Concert and the Hillingdon Strings Concert which is held at the end of the School year.

Instrumental Tuition

Private lessons are offered in the violin and cello for Hillingdon girls from Preparatory and piano and double bass from Year 1. Learning a musical instrument is a challenging and rewarding undertaking for a young child. The best results are obtained when parents are able to commit time to attending lessons and carefully supervising practice at home. We strongly encourage you to take this into consideration when enrolling your child in instrumental lessons. For information regarding applications for instrumental lessons please contact the Music Administrator on 02 8356 7052.

Performance Opportunities

Hillingdon musicians have number of opportunities to participate in performances and all girls are strongly encouraged to take advantage of them. 

Hillingdon Soirées

Hillingdon Soirées are held each term and enable Hillingdon Music and Speech and Drama students to give performance s in a positive and supportive setting.  

Twilight Concerts

Twilight Concerts are held each term and are open to Ascham musicians from Prep to Year 12 of all ability levels. Twilight Concerts are a delightful opportunity to hear girls from Kindergarten to Year 12 playing in the same concert.

Hillingdon String Program

Hillingdon girls who learn a string instrument also participate in a weekly group lesson. The focus of these lessons is to develop ensemble playing skills, sight reading skills and to further enhance their playing posture and technique. String players will be grouped with girls of a similar standard and they will work on a range of appropriate repertoire. Girls who learn a string instrument outside school are strongly encouraged to participate in this program. 

Poco Ensemble

Poco Ensemble is an orchestra open to advanced string players from Kindergarten to Year 2. Entry is by audition in which players need to demonstrate some competence in note reading skills, intonation, rhythm and tone.


Any enquiries regarding the Hillingdon Music Program should be directed to Mrs Jacqueline O’Connor on 02 8356 7013.