Wellbeing in Fiona

Throughout their time in Fiona, the girls learn to build meaningful relationships and support one another.
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Developing supportive networks

We encourage each girl to respect herself and others, be honest, work with others co-operatively, take responsibility for her actions and join a wide range of activities so that her friendship circles are broad.  

Extending on the You Can Do It program introduced in Hillingdon (P-2), each girl belongs to a POD, a group of girls from each year, who meet with their POD teacher fortnightly. Girls remain in the same POD for their Fiona years. The girls in Year 6 lead the activities in each session and these range from discussions about friendships and developing useful strategies to the writing and performing of plays as a group. The girls develop a strong network of support across their primary years and into the future. Class Chatterbox sessions each fortnight assist students to support one another and find solutions if there are problems being experienced by their peers.

There are a number of opportunities for the girls to be leaders in Fiona. From Year 3 each term, girls are elected to the position of Class Captain and Vice-Captain. These girls form the Student Representative Council and they meet fortnightly to discuss and plan solutions for issues in Fiona.  In Year 6 all students take on a prefect role with each girl responsible for her own portfolio. These depend on the skills and interests of the girls and include such areas as Library, Community, Environment, Music, Art, Community Service, Sports, Charity and House.