Academic Enrichment

The serious development of the life of the mind is the basis of an intellectual education, and ‘an examined life’ has long been a valued way of understanding the true meaning of happiness. This approach is now reaching a wider audience, popularised through the current interest in positive psychology.
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The Academic Enrichment Program aims to increase and deepen the academic engagement of those students who are able to manage the core curriculum with ease. Students from Fiona onwards may participate in a variety of programs to follow their interests and passions and to devise their own problems and solutions. 

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The Academic Enrichment Program is a way to ignite the spark of intellectual life and engender in the students a desire to pursue lifelong learning. Students are extended, allowing them to take risks, immerse themselves in something they are passionate about and discover new and challenging ideas.

Some Enrichment Experiences we offer:

  • Tournament of Minds 

  • da Vinci Decathlon

  • STEM challenges and coding

  • Creative entrepreneurs

  • Challenges and consultation with industry professionals

  • Enrichment courses in the Humanities, Maths and Sciences

  • Entry in the ‘Philosothon’: a competition for some 20 schools in Sydney, based on an evening of moderated philosophical discussion, judged by university academics

  • Visiting academics who speak on a range of topics designed to stimulate intellectual engagement