Girls Own

Home away from home.

On these pages, our own pages on the website, we talk about what our days are like, what we do, our friendships - to give you an idea of what it's like being an Ascham girl.

It's school, we know, but we love Ascham, it's like our 'other' family. We love that it's not just about the work. Here, we develop lifelong friendships with students over all the years, whether it be through sisters' groups, sport, studies, boarding, music or drama. Our teachers are so supportive and encouraging, and they are always willing to offer one-on-one help if need be - we have the Dalton Plan to thank for that.

Ascham is a community where everyone is encouraged to have a voice, and because of Dalton there is a system in place where we can all be heard. We're all able to wake up in the morning and look forward to coming to school because we know that as soon as we walk through the gates we can be entirely ourselves.

Enjoy looking around this site, just a taste of our life at Ascham.