Gifts in Wills


Ascham has fostered a strong tradition of giving since its inception. The generosity and foresight of the earliest members of the Ascham community, and since, has been critical to the School's growth. Today, many Old Girls, current and past parents support Ascham’s future prosperity by donating funds, dedicating their personal time at school events or in the community and donating goods to the archives. Making a gift in your Will to Ascham can help secure Ascham’s long-term security.

What is a gift in a Will?

A gift in a Will provides a way for you to make a lasting contribution, while still enjoying your assets during your lifetime.

Why leave a gift in your Will?

Revenue from school fees and government grants is largely taken up with the day to day costs of running such a complex organisation – this includes salaries, educations resources, maintenance and so on. To fund large projects from fee revenue, annual fees would need to rise considerably. Maintaining fees at or near current levels and simultaneously maintaining and improving the school’s facilities has become a challenge, particularly with the current climate of governmental review of independent school funding. Ascham depends on contributions in order to continue to remain at the forefront of education in Australia.

Who can make a gift in a Will to Ascham?

Anyone—the whole community, past and present, can participate and ensure that the education of our girls is maintained at the highest levels.

When is a good time to include Ascham in my Will?

It is never too early to include Ascham in your Will. We hope that you will consider your influence on future generations throughout your life.

How can I participate?

You may specify a gift to the Foundation by way of the following: a fixed sum, income from your estate, a percentage of your whole estate, the residue of your estate (monies remaining after providing for other beneficiaries), a specific asset, such as real estate, shares, bonds, life insurance policy or other items of value.

Do I have to choose a Fund?

Depending on your passion, we recommend that you choose between the Scholarship, Building or Library Funds. Alternatively, you may wish to consider a gift to Ascham Foundation Ltd (the Endowment Fund) and the Directors will allocate monies to the School for use where it is most needed at the time. All the Funds have tax-deductible status except the Endowment Fund.

What other details do I need to include Ascham in my Will?

You will need to include the Foundation as an entity, the address and ABN:
Ascham Foundation Limited, 188 New South Head Road, Edgecliff, NSW 2027
ABN 79 001 477 970

How does my gift help?

Gifts in Wills have a long tradition at Ascham. In 1948 a bequest of £10,000 from the Littlejohn family enabled the purchase of The Dower House and Fiona—a true legacy. Recent gifts in Wills and donations to the Building Fund have spearheaded the purchase and development of our new Centre for the Sciences. Our girls will be equipped to take part in a rapidly changing technological world.

The Library Fund provides up-to-date resources for all subjects so that we can meet future challenges. The Endowment Fund provides enhanced educational programs, including prizes and bursaries, as well as teacher development.

Ascham appreciates gifts of all sizes. Every gift, large and small, from a wide base of donors can help to build a sizeable sum.

Is there anything else I should take into account?

Before leaving a gift in your Will to Ascham, we recommend that you involve your family in your decision and that you seek the advice of your solicitor. Making a gift this way does not always entail rewriting your Will. A simple codicil (an addition or supplement to your Will) provides an easy option for this special gift.