Ascham Foundation

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It is through the foresight, dedication and commitment of many generous benefactors since the School first opened its doors to students in 1886 that Ascham has been able to teach, support and encourage thousands of girls at such an important stage in their lives. 

Giving is at the true heart of Ascham

Every significant development at the School has been made possible because of the generous financial support of the Ascham community. That generosity has made it possible for generations of proud Ascham girls to learn and grow, and participate in the world in a meaningful way.

Buildings such as the Packer Theatre, Fiona, Hillingdon, Holmwood, The Dower House, Duntrim House and the Centre for the Sciences were all developed or acquired through the generosity of donors.

Since its establishment in 1977, Ascham Foundation Ltd has played a critical role in encouraging this community-wide support. The Ascham that girls, parents, staff and Old Girls enjoy today owes its thanks to those who have given from their hearts in the past.
Vi et animo!

Aim of the Foundation

The aim of Ascham Foundation is to assist the Ascham School Council of Governors to preserve, develop and maintain the standards and facilities of Ascham School. It does so by seeking to attract, retain and grow funds for these purposes and acts as a trustee for all funds raised.

Ascham Foundation proudly supports the annual Year 12 Art prize and Music Camp Concerts.


All members of the Ascham community are eligible and welcome to apply for membership of Ascham Foundation Ltd, a public company limited by guarantee, upon payment of a minimum donation of $10,000. This may be by way of pledge or gift to Ascham Foundation or one of its tax deductible funds, listed below. Membership is for a period of seven years.

The members of Ascham Foundation elect its Directors. Term limits apply. In addition, the Council of Governors may nominate up to three Council members to serve as Directors of Ascham Foundation.

The Foundation Board of Directors


Mr RA Caldwell


Ms JN Anderson
Mr AH Best
Mr AM Frangopoulos
Mr E Jewell-Tait 
Mr JP Keith
Ms R McGinley Knox
Mr AC Michael
Ms KL Phin
Mrs NJ Swift

Company Secretary

Mrs LP Mooney

Ascham Foundation's Funds

There are three Ascham funds which attract tax deductibility for donors:

  • Building Fund
  • Library Fund
  • Scholarship Fund 

In addition, the Endowment Fund provides enhanced educational programs, including prizes, other scholarships and bursaries. Gifts to the Endowment Fund are not tax deductible. 

Gifts in Wills

Past students, parents, staff or indeed anyone with strong affection for Ascham can also help maintain our tradition of excellence through a gift in a Will. Gifts in Wills can be tailored to reflect the particular interests and objectives of the donor and are the mainstay of a successful program of long-term endowment. We would be delighted to provide you or your legal adviser with more information, please contact the Foundation Manager.

Ascham Foundation's Constitution

The Ascham Foundation Constitution can be downloaded here