How to Enrol

28 Sep 2012
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A good place to start getting to know about Ascham School is through this website, which will provide you with insight into the many and varied activities available to our girls and our unique delivery of the academic curriculum through the Dalton Plan. Although non-selective, Ascham has a strong academic emphasis and offers a classic curriculum.

enrolment processGirls from all religions and cultures are welcome to apply for a place at Ascham where there is no church or religious affiliation. Service and social justice initiatives encourage girls to broaden their views of the world and learn to be tolerant and global in their outlook. We hope the following information is helpful about our registration and enrolment processes.

How to Enrol

We encourage parents to enrol their daughters as early as possible. The school accepts applications any time after birth. We recommend that you contact the Registrar’s Office in the case of applications submitted less than three years before the required entry year.

The enrolment process begins with a request for an enrolment pack. The pack includes our prospectus, recent school publications and an application form.

Please click here to request an enrolment pack.

Once applications are received, families are invited to an Introductory Tour to see and learn about Ascham. Attendance at the Introductory Tour is a mandatory part of the enrolment process.

Should a place be available to offer your daughter, the final stage of the enrolment process is an interview with the Head of School.


Although the school has formal entry points, it is flexible in its acceptance of new students at other Year levels at the discretion of the Head of School and if space is available.

Our formal entry points are Prep, Kindergarten, Year 5 and Year 7. 

For entry to Prep, girls must turn four by 31 March in the year of entry. For entry to Kindergarten, girls must turn five by 31 March in the year of entry. 

Old Girls' Applications

Daughters of Ascham Old Girls and of current Ascham families will be given first priority for entry to either Prep, Kindergarten, Year 5 or Year 7 provided they apply by their child's first birthday and adhere to the school’s enrolment procedures. Past students of Ascham can contact the Registrar’s Office or submit an online request for an enrolment pack to obtain a prospectus and other material outlining steps to organise a place for their daughters. Once applications are received, families are invited to an Introductory Tour. Attendance at the Introductory Tour is mandatory before a place can be confirmed at an interview by the Head of School.

Conditions of Enrolment

Ascham's Conditions of Enrolment can be found here.