Below are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding our general and scholarship processes.  If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

General FAQ

What exactly is Dalton?

The Dalton Plan is a method of organising teaching such that individual attention is given to the girls in studies.  Read more >

What age can my daughter start? Do you have formal entry points?

Although the school has formal entry points, it is flexible in its acceptance of new students at other Year levels at the discretion of the Head of School and if space is available.

The formal entry points and usual ages in year of entry are outlined here.

Is Ascham only for clever students?

Ascham is non-selective at all entry points into the school. We test girls after they have been accepted to ensure they are placed in the correct groups, particularly for core subjects such as English and Maths. The Dalton Plan’s individual approach to our students ensures we suit all abilities.

The Dalton Plan is a method of organising teaching such that girls are not only taught well but become active drivers of their own learning. They develop a keen interest in their subjects, the ability to question and debate ideas and exceptional time-management and organisational skills. This individual and independent approach not only benefits each girl but lifts the understanding and achievement of all, helping girls of all abilities work to their potential.

Do you have an open day?

We hold Introductory Tours, by invitation. We host small groups to visit the school and meet senior staff. This enables parents to ask questions relevant to them and to see the school on a working day. We believe this system allows us to demonstrate to parents the unique nature of the school and makes the visit more meaningful and effective for parents.

Why do I need to come for an interview?

All families attend an interview with the Head of School as part of the enrolment process. We believe it is important that both the Head of School and the parents have the chance to meet and ask questions before the final offer and acceptance of a place.

Is there a sibling discount?

We have a small sibling discount.

Do you have weekly boarding?

Ascham is a full boarding school and we have no weekly boarding. Leave is generous and parents are always welcome at the school.

What are your class sizes?

The student/staff ratio across the school is 7 to 1, with Senior School classes generally varying in size from 16 to 20 girls.

In Years 11 and 12 these group sizes are generally between 10 and 18 girls, although in many courses the classes are much smaller.

Class sizes from Prep to Year 2 are 20 students per class. In the Junior School each class has between 19 and 22 girls.

What subjects do you offer?

Ascham offers a traditional liberal arts curriculum. We are an academically focused school and our curriculum is organised around courses that we consider best prepare the students for tertiary study. Read more about the Senior School Curriculum.

What are your academic results?

We are an academically focused school and are always delighted with the results all our girls produce. While we are consistently in the top 20 in the state in the rankings produced by the media, we believe the full story is not just how the top 10% of girls achieve but how the whole cohort achieves across all their subjects. 

See our latest HSC results here.

Do you have a waiting list?

There is a healthy demand for places at Ascham and parents are encouraged to register their daughters within the first 12 months of birth although we cannot guarantee that this will ensure a place in the school. Please contact the Registrar or telephone on +612 8356 7000 for further information.

Scholarships FAQ

When do Applications close?

What time does Scholarship Testing Day commence and conclude?

Am I able to sit for remote scholarship testing if I am not in New South Wales on the scheduled date of testing?

Since we applied my daughter has had an injury or illness that prevents her from sitting the exam (eg broken her arm, the flu, twisted her ankle). What can be done to accommodate her?

How do we apply?

How much does it cost to register for Scholarship Testing?

We have now completed the application and posted it to you. How will we know you have received our application?

We would like to apply for a scholarship, we are Australian citizens. However, we are currently living overseas. How can I apply?

We would like to apply for Scholarships. However, we are not Australian residents or citizens. Our daughter, however, attends school in Australia. Is this possible?

Will we be required to supply financial information?

Are we required to supply school reports, a portfolio or other supporting material?

Should I not be a successful scholarship winner for 2018, once enrolled at the school am I eligible to sit any further scholarships on offer

Can we take a tour of the school prior to Scholarship Testing Day?

If we receive an Ascham Scholarship what exactly is included ... eg how much will I be given 50%, 100%? Will I only receive tuition? Will the school cover uniforms, other equipment etc?

What are the chances of my daughter being successful?

What are the criteria the school/scholarship committee use to shortlist girls and finally award scholarships?

What should my daughter wear on Scholarship Testing Day?

What does my daughter need to bring on Scholarship Testing Day?

The Belgiorno Nettis Diversity Scholarship

What is the selection criteria for The Belgiorno-Nettis Diversity Scholarship?

Music Scholarship

What is the selection criteria for the Music Scholarship?

When will the music auditions be held?

How many pieces will my daughter need to prepare for the audition if short listed?

Will our daughter’s sight-reading be tested?

Can the School provide an accompanist for her audition, and if so, will my daughter get a chance to rehearse with the accompanist prior to her audition?

Will our daughter automatically be included in orchestra if she is awarded a Music Scholarship?