Ascham Parents' Association

Mothers Day Breakfast

The Ascham Parents’ Association (APA) is an association of which every Ascham parent and legal guardian is a member. The association has a President and a Committee, made up of between 30 and 40 parents from Hillingdon, Fiona and the Senior School.

The APA Committee meets once or twice a term and is responsible for enhancing community relations and community spirit within the school. The Committee works to develop a happy and united school community and to help parents meet each other through social events. These include the Hillingdon and Fiona Cocktail Party, Tennis and Family Fun Day, Year parent morning teas and get-togethers, and the End of Year Cocktail Party. 

Any funds raised are given back to the school for diverse needs and projects. The Committee is always happy to hear from a parent who would like to help at its events and new members of the Committee are welcomed at the beginning of each year.

All parents are invited to the Annual General Meeting held at the Packer Theatre at the beginning of each year. At this meeting the Head of School gives an address on plans for the year and parents are able to participate in a discussion with the Head of School, School Treasurer, APA president and members of the School Council.

Ascham Boarder Parents' Committee

The Ascham Boarder Parents' Committee contributes to the enhancement of the boarding community. This group organises annual social gatherings for boarder parents to meet one another and is a means by which any concerns or suggestions from the boarding school can be raised with the Head of School.

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