Ascham Old Girls' Union

Once an Ascham girl, always an Ascham girl! Ascham educates strong and independent women who are active in their professional lives, families and communities. We are a vibrant network of over 4,000 Old Girls.

Generations of Heart and Soul

We welcome Old Girls back to school to renew old friendships, make new connections and participate in events, reunions and activities. If you would like more information contact the Ascham Old Girl Liaison Officer.

Forthcoming reunions and events

Every year there are reunions at the school to celebrate the 5th, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th anniversaries of attendance at the school.

In addition, there are regular country and interstate events so our Old Girls can catch up and see old friends.

You are also welcome to attend general events at the school which are advertised in the Old Girls Newsletter and in eNews. If you wish to attend an event, please contact the Ascham Old Girl Liaison Officer.

For younger Old Girls

Year 13 Drinks

Each year the school hosts drinks in May for those girls in the cohort of the previous year’s HSC. This is an opportunity to catch up with your friends, Year Coordinator and staff.

5 Year Reunion

Each year the school hosts drinks for the girls in the cohort of the HSC year of five years earlier.

Ascham Old Girls Network

This is of special interest to those of you who are undertaking study, commencing work or in the earlier stages of your careers. The Network has been established with aim of being of service to all working women. See below for more information about the Network

Leadership Scholarship

The Ascham Leadership Scholarship is an opportunity for young Old Girls, between the ages of 20 and 30, to undertake research or humanitarian aid work outside Australia. It is generously endowed by a past Ascham family.

The new Ascham Old Girls Network

As Ascham Old Girls, we form a network of over 4,000 women of all professions: students, business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs or MDs, lawyers, doctors, marketeers, volunteers.

The Network has been established with the aim of being of service to everyone who is engaged in any work of any kind, including women working on the land, mothers who are running the family and women re-entering the workforce at any stage of their lives.

Services planned include:

  • Events with Old Girl presenters who are leaders in their field
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • A business directory of products and services of Old Girls on the AOGU website
  • Business and career mentoring, including advice on seeking promotions and new job opportunities
  • Old Girls NetWork newsletter with updates on events, opportunities, member profiles and business developments
  • Information relevant to country Old Girls to assist them to continue their careers and/or professional development opportunities
  • Information relevant to women planning or on a career break

If you would like more information about the Old Girls Network, please contact the Ascham Old Girl Liaison Officer.

Careers of Old Girls

See some of the careers paths and achievement of our Old Girls. This page will be updated regularly so do check in and see who is featured.

Enrol your daughter

In recognition of the very worthy contribution our Old Girls have made, first priority will be given to daughters of Old Girls enrolled before their first birthday at any formal entry point (Prep, Kindergarten, Year 5 or Year 7). Note that equal first priority is also given to boarders and younger siblings of girls already enrolled at the school at the time of the proposed commencement date.

Second priority will be given to daughters of Old Girls enrolled after their first birthday by date of application received.

Enrolment Process

Application fee is waived for daughters of Old Girls
Introductory Day Introductory Days are a mandatory step in the enrolment process for all families
Interview An interview with the Head of School is required for all families
Acceptance of Offer
The Acceptance of Offer including the non-refundable enrolment fee will be due to confirm your daughter's place

For further information please contact the Registrar.

Conditions of Enrolment

Ascham's Conditions of Enrolment can be found here

Scholarships for daughters of Old Girls

If you have a daughter or granddaughter and you would like her to attend Ascham and need support to do so, there are scholarships available specifically for this.

Through fundraising activities there are a number of OG scholarships including the Centenary and Jubilee Scholarships, each with slightly different criteria.

The scholarships are generally multi-year scholarships spanning all or some of the senior school years. As each scholarship can only have one recipient at a time, these scholarships are awarded only when the current recipient has completed her scholarship term. 

Ascham Old Girl scholarships are awarded through the school’s scholarship selection process. If you would like to apply for a scholarship and you would like more information about the process, please click here.

Make a donation

One of the very important roles of the Ascham Old Girls is to raise funds for the scholarship program and the Hardship Fund.

It requires just over $500,000 of capital to fund just one 100% tuition or boarding scholarship. We would like to double the number of girls we currently support.

To do this we need your ongoing support in our fundraising efforts and through donations and bequests.

To make a donation, or find out more about other ways of helping Please contact the Ascham Old Girl Liaison Officer

Make a suggestion

The Ascham Old Girls’ office welcomes information including graduations, careers, reunions, engagements, marriages, births, deaths and items of interest for the newsletter.

The office also welcomes suggestions for events.

Please contact the Ascham Old Girl Liaison Officer.

Update your details

If any of your details have changed, especially contact details, please contact the Ascham Old Girl Liaison Officer.

Contact Us

Ascham Old Girl Liaison Officer

02 8356 7065