Year 9 Residential Program


The Year 9 Residential Program offers a term of boarding to girls in Year 9 to encourage independence, team work and resilience in order to instil confidence and competence in our girls during what can be a challenging stage in their development. 

The Year 9 Residential Program involves a mix of physical, cultural and community activities over the course of each term. The program offers girls the chance to build their academic skills, and further develop their confidence and resilience, as well as providing them with useful skills for life.

During the program, the girls gain new friends, different ways of looking at things, new skills and an increased appreciation for both school and home. We have learnt that girls are the most amazing creatures – ever capable of surprising us with their generosity, their good nature and their ability to find the fun in any situation. Girls apply for the program in Term 4 of Year 8.

Girls who took part last year wrote about their experiences on the Year 9 Residential Program.

Martha writes:

The boarding program was excellent because it was like a sleepover with friends every night, also the people were all nice and I wish I could have stayed longer. The opportunity was one that I thoroughly enjoyed and I took advantage of the time I had by staying in most weekends just to be around all the people. The atmosphere was always friendly – with some aspects of mischief included! 

Victoria writes:

The year 9 Residential Program has not only helped me study wise but given me a new family. I came to boarding at the beginning of term, thinking that I would be all alone, and not get along with the other boarders at all. I could not have been more wrong, within the first week I had made new friends in year 7, 10 and 11 and I also gained a new relationship with the other boarders in my year. Sharing a room with two girls the same age has been one of the best experiences of my life. Being the only girl at home, I have my own room; I have never had to share a room with any other individual, let alone a girl/friend my own age. By the end of this amazing experience, I have gained so many new relationships that I know I will use and cherish from now on. Boarding not only has given me structure and skill in my life, but new friends. I have gained a new family and home at Ascham, that I will cherish and value forever.

Perzella writes:

Experiencing the life of a boarder opened my mind to a new world. Walking through the boarding house front door was nerve wracking but at the same time, I would’ve regretted it if I had turned back. The house-mistress’s bright smiles brought a welcome to the new road ahead. Learning the new ways of the fellow boarders, being on time and organised has changed my attitude towards my life at home. The experience wasn’t all about early night sleeps and two hours of work every night. The weekend activities ended the week nicely, almost making me wish that it would never end. From the first day till the last, there wasn’t one moment when I regretted it or wanted to go home. I still miss the amazing, sometimes sneaky, adventures that brought me much closer to my new boarding family.