Boarding Information

As at home, the dining room is at the heart of the boarding school. Enjoying good food is a big part of feeling happy and safe away from home and we provide healthy yet tasty menus for our boarders.

The Dining Room

The creative menu is cooked fresh everyday by the school’s chef John Woodrow. A restaurant-trained chef he has taken care of boarders and staff for almost 20 years. 

Boarders enjoy themed dinners in celebration of various events such as Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, the Melbourne Cup and Halloween. In addition, on their birthdays, each girl gets a cake to celebrate with her friends.

Breakfast and dinner are served daily in the school’s dining room, overlooking the grounds. At lunchtime, the girls get their food and join the day girls in the playground which helps build further connection between them. Baskets of fresh fruit, toast and other snacks are provided daily in each house.  

Special dietary requirements are well catered for and the girls’ eating habits are closely monitored by the boarding staff. Many of our parents who have sampled the food at Ascham have been very complimentary. A dietitian is employed on regular basis to assess and review the catering at Ascham.


Time spent with family and friends is important. We work with parents and girls to ensure the girls’ needs are met and their leave is balanced against their school commitments. It is important to us that the boarding houses remain vibrant and active communities at the weekends.

Our girls may take four full weekend and two overnight leaves per term. All weekend and overnight leave must be authorised by parents/guardians via the online leave system. 

The first Sunday of Term 1 is closed for all boarders. This is an opportunity for the girls to enjoy an activity together. From Year 9 girls may go on group leave on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, to attend the movies or see friends. In addition, boarders can enjoy dinner leave with their parents or guardians during the week. 

Health Centre

The school has a strong team to care for the health of our girls. With a full time nurse and two residential nurses, we provide 24 hour care, seven days a week. 

The purpose of the Health Centre is to provide a professional health service to the school community with the aim of minimising health related obstacles that can impede learning, individual development and personal wellbeing. Located in Holmwood House, one of the four boarding houses, the Health Centre is easily accessed by all students. 

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