Prep and Academic Support

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In boarding, a good learning environment is a priority for our students. Supervised prep, or evening study time, takes place in the school library five nights a week with a librarian, prep supervisor and tutors to help the girls with their homework.

All boarders in Years 6-10 attend prep from Sunday to Thursday, from 6.30pm, finishing between 8pm and 9pm depending on their year group. Prep tutors are available every evening to support the boarders with their academic needs in a range of subjects. The tutors are usually former students currently in their second or third year at university. They have a good knowledge of the girls’ weekly assignments and understand The Dalton Plan well. They work with the girls to help them achieve their goals. 

Boarders in Years 11 and 12 work in their own rooms in the boarding houses. They have access to the prep tutors in the library if they wish. The library is also open every Sunday to enable girls to study quietly.

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