Senior School Sport

At Ascham, participation in sport is an integral and enjoyable part of our students’ daily lives. Our comprehensive sporting program aims to instil values such as discipline, focus and integrity, whilst also promoting the importance of team work, commitment and lifelong physical activity to personal growth and development.

Backed by a strong team of coaches, we provide our students with the opportunity to participate in a safe and enjoyable sporting environment. We are proud to have an inclusive sporting program that ensures each girl who wishes to participate has a place in a team. The success of our program has been recognized by the local community as well as other independent schools with whom we enjoy a healthy rivalry. 

Ascham offers a range of competitive and non-competitive sporting opportunities, enabling students to select sports based on their personal interest as well as their busy schedule. Whilst the majority of sports offered are played in the Saturday morning IGSSA competition, students can also participate in a number of local competitions and carnivals. 

Students may play one Saturday morning sport each Term, as well as participating in additional mid-week competitions or programs as they fit within their schedule.

As shown in the image gallery above, Ascham offers Swimming, Diving, Equestrian, Touch Football, Tennis, Rowing, Basketball, Hockey, Netball, Athletics/Cross Country, Snowsports, Gymnastics, Sailing, Water Polo, Football (Soccer) and Softball.

In addition, the school offers the following:


Each year Ascham enters both individual and teams into the NSW All Schools Triathlon event. All students are welcome to participate in this event and it takes place in March each year.

Fitness Training

Our fitness program runs year round with various different options available, including boxing, strength and condition classes and yogalates. Students can register for a number of sessions each week and then choose on a weekly basis which classes they would like to attend.

Dance Club

The Ascham dance club consists of a jazz and a contemporary group. Each group trains once a week and both groups participate in two Eisteddfods each year. One takes place late in Term 2 and the other early in Term 3.