Fiona Sport


Every girl in Fiona participates in 2 hours of PDHPE a week. This program underpins the development of skills in all sports offered in the Junior School with a strong level of participation and enthusiasm. Supporting our house system, every girl participates in swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals. Girls have the opportunity to represent their school and progress to state and national competitions in their particular strength.

As the emphasis at primary level is on participation and the development of options for future sporting opportunities, the girls have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of interschool sporting competitions including Saturday morning sport. They can choose a different sport each term. These include:

hockey, netball, tennis, cricket, soccer, softball, water sports and sailing.

In addition girls can join fitness, the swim squad, ski teams and a broad range of co-curricular sports such as hooping, yoga and dance. Regular tennis and gymnastics classes are well supported by girls in Fiona.

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