Peer Programs

Yr6 and Yr12 buddies, medium
Peer programs offer girls the chance to develop leadership skills and create bonds across different year groups. At Ascham, we believe that good relationships between girls of different ages help create self-confidence, kindness and a sense of community.

We run a variety of peer programs in Fiona and the Senior School. In Fiona, there are PODS, which are vertical groups of girls from Years 3 to 6 who meet together every two weeks to participate in activities, usually with a student wellbeing focus. These groups are run by the Year 6 prefects. 

In the Senior School we have Year 12 and Year 7 buddies; Year 12 girls are buddied up with girls in Year 7 when they first arrive in the Senior School to ensure the younger girls have a familiar face and a friend when they first start high school. 

Year 11 girls offer Peer Tutoring three times a week. Girls sign up to become tutors for girls in Year 7 to 10 to help with assignment work at lunchtimes or after school.