We want Ascham girls to be resourceful and proud of their role in the world. As women, they will hope to become the leaders of tomorrow and to help shape the society they live in. To prepare them for this responsibility, Ascham aims to build a culture of leadership where girls are trained in the skills needed to lead.

Our girls develop leadership skills from Year 2 through to Year 12. We define leadership broadly, not just in terms of formal roles, whether at school or beyond. At Ascham, leadership means developing girls who are confident, willing to stand up for what they believe is right and able to marshal support from others to get things done.

Leadership at Ascham is centred around community. Every girl is encouraged to understand the importance of each individual and to discover that diverse perspectives brought together create better outcomes. They learn to become role-models for younger years and for each other. A service learning program operates from Year 7, through which girls explore different dimensions of leading through commitment to a cause. From Year 9 girls can participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. 

While leadership opportunities are given to the girls from an early age, they operate slightly differently as the girls mature. In the Preparatory and Junior schools, leadership roles are equally distributed. In the Senior School, girls can nominate for leadership positions from Year 7 with the Student Representative Council, as well as Form Representatives. There are then increasing opportunities in each year until Year 12 when girls stand for election to the School Committee – the school’s student prefect body – and other school committees such as Drama, Music and Environment. Girls are also encouraged to take on informal leadership roles in areas where they have passion and purpose.

Girls take part in a variety of workshops, camps and other programs to develop their personal skills of resilience, communications, confidence, self-discipline and teamwork. There are camps each year in the Junior School and in Years 7,8, 9 and 11 in the Senior School. In addition, the girls attend workshops in areas such as resilience, leadership, empowerment and study skills.

Leadership at Ascham is not an added extra, experienced only by a minority of girls. It is an integral part of the education that each girl receives throughout her time at the school. We want all girls to have the opportunity to develop these skills.