Overseas Tours & Programs

39.0 Overseas 9, medium
An instrumental part of furthering the awareness and imagination of our Ascham girls is providing them with opportunities to experience the world around them. These international tours allow our students to experience a wide range of activities that go beyond the boundaries of the classroom. They are designed to allow students to encounter mind broadening experiences and cultures.

Girls have been involved in a wide variety of overseas tours over the past few years. These have included Orchestra tours to China, History tours in Europe, Sports tours to Canada, Language and Art tours to many countries, and community led volunteer tours.

In 2010, we ran two tours to China. One was our annual Language study tour to China and the other a World Challenge Tour. The sports department conducted a skiing trip to Whistler in the April vacation period, which was followed later in the year by our annual Cambodia community service tour. 

During 2011, a number of our elective Chinese Language students toured China, while 25 Art students toured the many museums and galleries of London and Paris. Again, the Cambodia community tour proved popular with the girls, which enabled them to gain an understanding of the cultural, social and historical aspects of this country. Also popular was the Nepal tour. As well as trekking beneath the shadows of the Himalayas, the girls fostered meaningful relationship between the Down Syndrome Society in Nepal and visited the Hillary Hospital where funds and donations were donated.

In 2012, students undertook two separate Language study tours; one to China in April and the other to Paris and the South of France in September. Also in 2012, girls experienced the Cambodia community service tour, a Social Science study tour to Nepal and the Cambridge University Summer School. 

Planned tours for 2013 include a Sports tour to Whistler, a Cultural Study tour to Italy organised by the Art and History departments, the annual Cambodia community service tour, the Language study tour to China, the Oxford University Summer School and our first ever Choral Tour to Finland.

Looking beyond 2013 into 2014, we are proposing to continue to run our annual tours with the addition of our Social Science study tour to Nepal and our Art Tour to New York.