Ascham Forest

Five years ago, a student led initiative to reduce the school’s carbon footprint resulted in the Ascham Forest. To offset the resources used by the school, the girls decided to plant a small forest on the property of one of our boarding families. 25 girls in Year 11 raised the money to buy trees and take them to rural New South Wales to plant them.

Since then, the number of girls in Year 11 involved has grown to over 50% of the cohort and each year one or two forests have been planted. The Ascham Forest has become an integral part of the school’s environmental awareness and an important part of the girls’ lives.

Another student initiative is the Green Police, formed by members of the Senior School to ensure that all electrical items in classroom (lights, computers, fans) are turned off at the end of each day. Their campaign has resulted in students being more aware of wastage of resources and helped to reduce the School’s carbon footprint.