Community Service

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Ascham students are active members of their community. We provide genuine opportunities for service to others.

Girls are encouraged to take part in wide range of opportunities that exist throughout the year. Such real life experiences lead to improved self-assurance and give the girls insight into various community operations. Community Service also allows the girls to challenge some of their previously held beliefs, in addition to becoming responsible citizens.

Various opportunities exist year round

Seniors Easy PC Course – in conjunction with Woollahra Council, students work one on one with a local senior citizen to teach them how to use computers over a six week period. This takes place each term.

Juanita Nielsen Community Centre – Ascham students visit the Centre after school several afternoons a week and spend time interacting with the young students that attend the Centre. 

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In addition students participate in a number of programs that arise each year, including working with the Holdsworth Community Centre, the Salvation Army for the Red Shield Appeal, Anglicare, Elizabeth Lodge, Juanita Nielsen Community Centre, Lulworth House, and Plunkett Street School, among other organisations, as part of the Community Service program run during school time in Year 10.