Overview of Ascham


We are a school: 

• That is non-selective yet consistently achieves outstanding academic results for girls of all abilities

• That has a unique learning environment based on the philosophy of ‘The Dalton Plan’ where girls form close relationships with their teachers as they pursue excellence and manage their own timetables to suit their individual study needs

 • That offers a tertiary oriented academic curriculum while encouraging girls to participate in a wide range of activities including the arts, community service, leadership, sport and overseas experiences

 • That is without religious affiliation and is committed to developing confident, healthy, socially responsible girls with strong values and a sense of purpose

 • That cherishes the diverse individuality of each girl and encourages her peers to do the same

 • That offers P-12 on one campus close to Sydney's CBD with a strong boarding program comprised largely of girls from rural areas

 • That values the benefits from a supportive community network, not only while girls are at School, but also in their careers and personal lives thereafter

 • That attracts and retains teachers who inspire and innovate.

Our Culture

As a secular school we are committed to building a positive culture that encourages girls to develop core values, attitudes and behaviours that lead to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Specifically, we actively encourage our girls, our staff, our parents and our Old Girls to display:

• Acceptance—Celebrate diversity and appreciate the need for an environment that is supportive and inclusive

• Ambition—Show enthusiasm and appreciate challenge by setting goals

• Collaboration—Be both leaders and team players

• Community—Understand our world is interdependent and seek to help others

• Courage—Step forward to support what you believe is right

• Kindness—Display warmth, friendliness and generosity

• Resilience—Treat setbacks as opportunities to learn and move forward

• Respect—Treat others the way you wish to be treated

• Responsibility—Own your own actions and recognise their potential influence.