Meet the Head of School

Andrew Powell joined Ascham School more than 20 years ago teaching Junior Science and Chemistry in the Senior School. He became Deputy Head of Science in 1995 and was made a member of the Senior Management team in 2004. Andrew was appointed Deputy Head of School in 2012 and prior to that he was Director of Students (Years 7–10). In January 2014 Andrew was appointed Head of School.

In his leadership roles at Ascham, Andrew has played a pivotal role in the development of the strategic plan for the School that includes the Duntrim House acquisition and the development of the Centre for the Sciences to enhance the School's capabilities and facilities for the girls. He has developed and led the wellbeing program for Senior School students including easing the transition from Year 6 into Senior School, the development of the Cyber Safety Committee, and the initiation of welfare programs for Year groups, such as 'positive psychology' and 'managing anxiety'. He has also made significant contributions to the leadership development and peer mentoring programs.

Andrew is committed to girls' education and the Dalton Plan. His focus as an educational leader is on developing students as learners and as individuals, whilst enhancing teacher excellence. Andrew has a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Technology, Sydney; a Diploma of Education from the University of Sydney; and a Master of Administrative Leadership from the University of New England.